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    If you look in my far-right sidebar and scroll down a bit, you’ll see that I have made a text widget that says “links.” Is there a way to make the text look like the other labels in the sidebar?

    Or is there a way to label it “links” so that it shows up that way?

    I’m surprised that there wasn’t automatically a LINKS label, since that’s the widget. But it just goes straight to my first category of links, “bicycles.”



    (1) I don’t understand why you created this text widget you call “links”. Every link you enter into your blogroll on your dashboard you assign a category to. After you drag and drop your “links” widget into your sidebar these “links” are in turn automatically displayed in your sidebar in alphabetical order according to the category you assigned to them.
    Perhaps you could explain what you want to use this “links” text widget that you made for and we could work from there. It will not be an automatically updating “links” widget like the original one. You will have to manually enter every link into it.
    (2) There is nothing you can do in the text widget heading to make the heading’s appearance the same as the headings for the other widgets.



    The sidebar widget that is text that says “Links” is just a label.

    When it’s not there, there is no label.

    I just went back and took it out.

    Now, if you look in the far-right sidebar you will see that under archive (using the “archives” sidebar widget) I have put the “links” sidebar widget, so the links are there — but there is no label identifying them as links.

    Thanks for working through these things with me!



    It looks good and you’re welcome. :D



    But … it still doesn’t show that those are links, which is what I was trying to fix.

    The widget for “archives” has a header in the sidebar that says “archives.” The widget for “recent posts” has a header that says “recent posts.” But the widget for “links” doesn’t have a header in the sidebar that say links.

    I’m trying to label that list “links.”

    Any ideas?

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