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andreas 09 (blank space under post)

  1. Hello!
    There is a very huge blank space between post and comments on Andreas 09
    see here :
    (this is not my blog of course, it's a thread from fr forum but I can't find any answer
    User says this is not normal, and doesn't know what's happening
    Does anyone have any idea? Thanks by advance for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yet another bug with the Like button (hehe): if you enable Likes under your posts, the button will show up where the content of the left sidebar ends.

  3. unfortunate.

  4. Oho, thanks a lot, Panos :))
    Hello, dear little tessie! :p
    I wish both of you a pretty good day =D

  5. pretty!
    and good to you too…

  6. @lilmaouz Thanks for the report, that display issue in Andreas09 is fixed now.

  7. Hello, Lance! Thanks to you! I'll bring the good news over there. Have a nice day :)

  8. Oops! The "like" button has moved up, but little avatar didn't follow :-p
    ( & comments are still in cellars :)

  9. @lilmaouz Could you try it again now? Thanks.

  10. Hello, Lance! It is absolutely perfect! :p
    Thank you very much :)

  11. Thanks Lance!! Thanks Panaghiotisadam 1tess and Lilmaouz too!! (((-:

  12. I cannot speak very good english, but I thank Lance, Lilmaouz, and other people too, for their investigation.

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