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    The archives widget in Andreas09 supports article quantity counts (see bottom of right sidebar). However, these count values show up on the next line. I have tried with no success to get them to show up on the same line, similar to the ones on the left sidebar.
    I have tried adding a ‘li#archives li a’ into my stylesheet (yes, I have purchased the upgrade). I can make the box around the list entry disappear, but getting the count in parentheses to come up to the same line has not yet worked. Any suggestions?



    Of course, two minutes after I post this I actually go read what ‘display:block’ means, and sure enough, if I change it to ‘display:inline’, the counts are now on the same line. Nevermind….. :-)


    That appears to be defined in the theme php files rather than in the CSS so there probably isn’t anyway to change it. It’s inconsistent since the other widgets that show a count do it on the same line.


    Well, then forget what I said since I was obviously hallucinating. Glad you found the fix, and I’ll have to remember that for future.

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