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Andreas09 CSS Unmodified

  1. I'm looking for the unmodified CSS of the text portion of Andreas09. The only part I need is what you get if you perform Edit CSS and not the CSS for the entire scheme. I made a single pixel change and now my descenders disappear in IE. They're okay in Firefox. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

  2. You seem to be having a blog. Please head to the correct forums.

  3. I'm not experienced enough to quite understand what you mean. Could you be more specific? This is the location I arrive at from my dashboard. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. My login in isn't recognized at the link you suggested but it is recognized here.

  4. What is the url of your blog? The link from your username doesn't go to a blog?

    On the edit CSS page there is an option to view the stylesheet. This should give you what you want.

  5. Ah, I thought this query was with respect to the website that is associated with your username. Is this the blog or do you have some other blog?

  6. My blog is

    I can view the stylesheet but naturally what I'm viewing is what I already edited. I'm looking for a pristine, unedited version of the same stylesheet. The trivial 1px change that I made wasn't so trivial after all. Thanks.

  7. to get back the original stylesheet, erase all the css in the editor and save it. it should go back to normal.

  8. If you click on 'View Stylesheet', that gives you the unedited version. What's in the 'Edit CSS' box is what you've added to the original code. The best way to make minor changes is to check the 'Add to existing code' box, rather than the 'start from scratch' box.

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