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Andreas09 Theme

  1. Whats going on with the Andreas09 theme?

    Earlier today, it changed to a funky new version, and now it's gone all pear-shaped. Pages not showing up right or anything.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

  2. @stevelea
    It's being updated today. Her's a related thread on it

  3. Yes, i'm facing the same thing. Initially, the paragraphs in those posts that were in blockquotes had spaces between them. But now, the paragraphs are joined. Plus, my sub-categories aren't showing in the main page.

    I've sent feedback to wordpress 'cos i'm not sure what to do myself.

    Hope somebody can help us with all these.

  4. Oops, thanx for that info timethief. I was writing while you were posting your reply i guess. Well, i hope it goes smoothly 'cos i love the theme! :-)

  5. @stevelea and shahzani
    As one of you has sent in a feedback and s=as staffdo read the forum threads too I'm guessing they will be getting back to you on this the day after BBQ day tomorrow.

  6. thanx timethief. :-)

  7. Thank you.

  8. I have the same problem with andreas. the pages which usually appears under the headers now appears as a colomn on the left side. This happens in firefox while it goes well in IE. I send feedback but they said problem has already fixed. but for me it is not...i don;t know what sould i do or just change the theme ?

  9. I can live with the electric color, and I like the fact that each post's author is now identified, but I'm distressed by the fact that block quotations now show up as a single chunky paragraph, no matter what I do. It's making my blog almost unreadable at times. Is there a way we can format the quotations through HTML that will bypass this problem?

  10. Maybe add in vspace and hspace to the blockquote tags? Won't work for IE (and WP might even strip it now that I'm thinking of it.) per a recent thread on the subject. (Can't find it right off.)

    I'd send in a feedback on the subject. I don't remember anything on the subject of the blockquote style being changed when Andreas discussed it. Maybe it's an oversight.

  11. Andreas is not doing the theme version. He did the original design template but the wp theme is made by Ainslie Johnson. Andreas does listen to feedback and discusses the theme and its issues. But he has never made any changes in the theme on my request, only forwarded me to Ainslie because Ainslie did the WP version. I am pretty sure that Ainslie did also make the design changes in version 2 of the theme since Anderas has never claimed any credit for that which he usually does if he is involved in something.... Anyway.. These are minor errors. Send feedback to and they will fix it. :))

  12. You've been here 18 hours and you're talking about a discussion 7 months ago?

  13. I know the designer and the theme, as I have worked with Andreas before. I am a new user here, but not a new blogger. And I have been around as a visitor since the opening of :)

  14. Drmike: Is there any update on the situation here? It's quite frustrating not to have paragraph breaks in block quotations. I was hoping that the situation would remedy itself as spontaneously as it appeared, but no such luck.

  15. @bookworm
    As the wordPress camp is currently underway and as tomorrow is Sunday drmike may not be working on the forum. Even if he were he could not solve your problem which sounds like a backend issue although I could be wrong. Anyway I would recommend you bumping this up through feedback on Monday morning.

  16. im using the andreas09 theme at first but since i didnt get respons from my feedback (few days ago) i just changed my blogs theme, so you should do the same too

  17. I had problem with Andreas theam that pages were appearing as a vertical colomn on leaft side of my blog and distorting the front page. then I feedbacked and got answer as 'use ctrl and F5 keys' and then i did this and my problem got solved. I just want to know how this has happened?

  18. its a hard refresh, to reload the current pages you're looking at without using any cache from your browser

  19. Best bet would be to send in a feedback with a pointer to this thread. I don't have backend access so there's little I can help with the subject I'm afraid.

    The new version does fix the big empty space error we get reported from time to time around here with IE. I'm glad to see that. :)

  20. I've also noticed a faint blue bar in the middle of the page. I suppose I'll feedback that as well.

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