Android yes – Linux and Windows no – all same ISP

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    I need help for my domain recently installed through service provided from
    I’m able to access my homepage and dashboard with an android tablet but with several Linux and Windows machines (Chrome and Firefox) I cannot. Interesting detail: both using same ISP.
    Have cleared cache and history, made an ipconfig /flushdns, removed plug-ins (via tablet), reset modem and rebooted all machines. Result on shows that it’s just me!
    With all this done and still no access, I’m a bit desperate and hope finding help through this forum. Thanks in advance.


    Aloha nrjajt, It looks like you are working with a self-hosted site instead of the version supported here.

    Learn more about the differences between and

    I would recommend searching on the support forums for similar issues. If you cannot find anything that works, you can start your own thread. The forums are completely separate from each other, so you will need to register an account there if you haven’t done so already.



    Many thanks for your reply.
    I will check the difference between WP”org” and “com” as suggested.
    But I have some doubts about this issue because just an short hour ago, my neighbor called for some problems with her computer. While fixing the problem I quickly switched to the homepage and guess what? It appeared at once – just like on my android tablet. Strange it’s not the same with my own machine.
    Any explanation?


    Unfortunately, that is out of the scope of support provided here because is completely separate from I would check the support forums. They are very active and someone will likely be able to assist you if you can’t find a solution already listed.

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