AngularJS, WordPress and Native App

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    I am going to build a social intranet for a company with about 750 employees. They already use WordPress with the BuddyPress plugin. Also, they have multiple internal systems which would have to supply additional data for the intranet. The application has to available for PC, and smartphone/tablet via browser and as a standalone app. Both for at least Android and iOS.

    So far, we’ve been talking about building a responsive HTML5 webapp which communicates with a centralized API. I would have to build the API, too. For the frontend they’ve recommended me to use AngularJS, but I’m concerned about performance if you combine it with WordPress/BuddyPress. Does anyone have experience with this? And would you build a responsive website or a seperate mobile version?

    I’ve been comparing multiple solutions to build the mobile app with (near) native performance. These are some viable options I’ve found:

    • Appcelerator Titanium Studio
    • AppGyver Steroids
    • Xamarin Studio

    In your experience, what are the pros and cons with these options? Are there any pitfalls with any of these? Do you have other recommendations?

    Thanks ahead!



    Not sure you knew, but these forums are for support. You’ll want to post your question in the forums. and are completely separate entities and have different log-ins.

    If you don’t have a username account at, go to and register for an account (look for the “Register” button. Once registered, you can post your question to the forums.



    Oh really, haha I didn’t know there was a difference. My bad!

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