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animated gif

  1. animated gif for posting

  2. You can upload animated gifs into posts and pages. You can place them in text widgets. But you cannot upload them into your blog's header. Please post again if this does not answer the question you were trying to compose.

  3. The following is the FAQ for uploading and adding photos to posts and pages.


  4. bloggersanjida

    can my avatar be an animated gif?

  5. No, not as far as I know. WordPress likes these forums kept pretty clean and professional.

  6. They do? ;)

  7. drmike,

    it means a lot to me.
    (by the way, raincoaster, an animated gif won't hurt any blog's clean and professinal image, if you know how to "play it right"!)

  8. Actually you can run a virus through an animated gif. That's why they're not allowed. Animations are stopped for that reason. I'd give you a link but 20 pages into Google and I've yet to find a single mention or example. Too many "animated gif" sites online.

    The only way around that is to link to an image hosted elsewhere.

  9. What's the clean and professional animated gif? Guy Kawasaki giving a presentation?

  10. IMO animated gifs are for kids and gamers. They are not in the least "professional" looking. One can simply visit the "professional" A list bloggers' blogs and prove this to their own satisfaction.

  11. Actually you can run a virus through an animated gif.

    i know it's cool to hate on animated gif's, but let's chill out on the FUD huh?
    stop being absurd.

  12. unless of course, you're trying to sound smart by misremembering the static jpeg GDI+ vulnerability? go around to the *ahem* professional sites, and you'll see plenty of those.

  13. That wasn't what I was thinking of. I did a quick search but couldn't find the reference I was looking for.

    I do try, you know.

  14. I made an animated gif of Britney Spears once:

  15. I had to reboot my computer. :)

  16. WHY??? I took pictures of her of the same size and went to a site that makes those gifs. :(

  17. there is no reference. if an malformed image causes a fault in a browser, that's a browser vulnerability. not a problem with the format.

  18. bloggersanjida

    finally all the consternation over animated gif is over.
    i didn't even GUESS it was such a controversial topic!

  19. vanbleautenbil

    ...Not professional?
    Oké, I also abhor Cinderella waltzing around with prince Charming in a cloud of glitterdust, or smilies at the end of every sentence, but sometimes a log can be made a bit more lively with gifs; a popcorn-munching smilie at the start of a movie review, for instance. What's unprofessional with that? I go with the 'don't send your visitors into epilepsy' attitude, but internet is also a very visual medium; surfers hate sitepages which are composed of static texts only.
    I absolutely treasure this tiny smilie that very rapidly shakes her boobies...displaying a broad grin in the process. It's the most hilarious anima smilie I ever saw. And what about this keyboard-basher, (not a smilie) animated in black and white and in a rather minimal way but it moves like the best in Tom & Jerry fluency, and the anima almost lasts for 30 seconds. It's cleverly done, pure grand-guignol and at the end there's lots of red...
    Some of those gifs are ART, guys.

    That gifs can behold viruses I didn't know. Is a Norton or ZoneAlarm virusscan not sufficiënt?

  20. Responding to the original poster "animated gif for posting".

    AHEM ... You can upload animated gifs into posts and pages.
    You can place them in text widgets in your sidebar.
    But you cannot upload them into your blog's header or use them as avatars.

  21. Some of those gifs are art (and I have several on my blog)...but so is some of the music people want to use as autoplays when their page opens. Neither autoplaying music or animated avatars contribute to the professionalism and usablility of the technical forum, which is why you will not find them enabled here.

  22. bloggersanjida

    ugh, raincoaster,

    surely you remember that an avatar ends up NOT only in the TECHNICAL forum, but also in other people's blogs via posted comments ; )

    (that is if the commentator is logged in, of course!).

    does it mean i can have animated avatars for comments at least? hee hee!
    don't bother to solve THIS! as it happens, i have already givan up on animated avatars.

    and vanbleautenbil, thanks for standing up for animated gifs. i would have too, but i wanted a closure and so didn't bother ; )

  23. shomoshor, I have an animated gif at the top of my blog right now. But no, they don't belong in the technical forum. They take too long to load, and they look less than professional.


    As does asking questions and then telling people not to answer them.

  24. = Neither autoplaying music or animated avatars contribute to the professionalism =
    Who's to decide? Often those autoplays are (unappreciated) overloud heavy rock or awful home-synthesized Ave Maria's, but that's a matter of taste. Why not being against images in the first place, then? Or colours in templates? They 'distract from the text and lots of images are 'loud' and 'distracting'.
    Come on; it all depends on what kind of blog you maintain. The screaming blogs and the pink Daisy Duck Diaries sift themselves out if you are looking for more 'professional' stuff.
    Blogs have to be 'professional'? I don't believe what I'm reading.

  25. bloggersanjida

    sorry raincoaster,

    i didn't mean to waste anybody's time by asking to solve a problem and then later say i don't. things were getting a little out of hand, and i am sure wp forum people can spend their time doing more important and professional stuff than solve an issue over animated gif ;)

  26. Professionals use adjectives.

  27. As this thread was randomly bumped anyway:

    IMO animated gifs are for kids and gamers.</blokquote>

    Why gamers?! I'm a gamer and don't like them!

  28. Yeah, that second quote isn't a quote, sorry..

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