animated gif as outstanding image, is it possible?

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    in twenty ten theme i want to change the image of my header only in one page, so i select this new image as outstanding image. then it replaces the header one. ok.

    but this image is an animated .gif. in my normal header it works, but as i set this new image as outstanding image it doesn´t.

    isn´t it possible to place an animated .gif as outstanding image for a given page?

    thanks a lot.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. When you say “outstanding image”, you mean a “featured image”, correct?


    GIFs don’t work when resized or cropped. You must create a GIF in the exact dimensions of the header image (in your case, 940×198 pixels).


    yes! i mean a “featured image”,

    i am making the gif exactly in 940×198 pixels,
    in fact it works perfectly in my normal header:

    but as i make a different gif to put it as a “featured image” for a given page, the animation doesn´t work.

    when you try to put a picture as “featured image” the size options don´t let you make it “full size” but only 640 × 134 pixels or smaller (even when the original is 940×198 pixels).

    so i tryed to make an original gif of 640 × 134 size (as cropped gifs won´t work).

    but it didn´t work.

    isn´t it possible to place an animated gif as “featured image” of a given page?

    oh! thanks a lot for your replies.


    ok, i was using “Limited Width” to 640 pixels in “appearance” settings,

    now it´s limited to 1000 pixels, so now i do have the option to insert my gif “full size 940×198” as a featured image,

    anyway the animation doesn´t work.

    …is there anything that can be done to make it work?

    thanks a lot.


    a) Nothing to do with the size options: all the options on the Add an Image popup window apply to regularly inserted images, not to featured images. Featured images are inserted the way the theme dictates.

    b) But I’ve got bad news. I tried this in my test blog then checked the sourcecode of the page. Unfortunately the image tool applies cropping to featured images even when they are in the correct size, so no animation.


    thanks panaghiotisadam for your reply,

    then i will try to do it using css code to place a different header.
    i know i will get it!

    everything is possible using wordpress and css code.




    Can I say one thing? People on slow connections (yes, there still are places that don’t have broadband), are really going to suffer with heavy image files and changing from page to page with an animated GIF for a header will be v e r y, v e r y s l o w.

    Another thing you might want to consider is that these slow loading pages may hurt you in page rankings.

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