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Animated gif images not working

  1. I've just started using WordPress, and cannot get animated gifs to correctly display on my blog. Here is a post with several, and an anchor to where two should show:

    I can see them in my editing preview, and the public page shows links to them, but the images themselves don't show.

    I've checked and double-checked that they've been uploaded and added at full, original size. I created them in a video-editing program, and they're 320x240, 20 FPS, and uncompressed, according to those settings. I'm using Splendio, which says their width shouldn't be a problem.

    Could anybody help? Thanks so much for taking a look!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you crop them at all after uploading them?

  3. I didn't, no. I uploaded them from the Media Upload page (, then added them to the post using the WYSIWYG editor. I didn't change any settings either on upload or adding them to the post; I left it set to "Full Size." Is there a chance they were cropped automatically or something? Thanks!

  4. I guess the problem is the extreme size of the files. The last gif in the post you linked to is 5.4MB, 283 frames, and the previous one is an impossible 15.2MB, 428 frames. You need to create/insert videos instead of gifs.

  5. Hrm. I've created a test post here; it just has one animated gif that's five FPS. It's a smaller file size than the still photos that I've had work successfully. Here's the link:

    Thanks for looking at this with me--I'm completely baffled by this problem, since it doesn't seem to be the size or the upload process.

  6. Justpi is undoubtably correct. Reduce the file size (and i speak as someone whose first give was 17 meg).

  7. I examined your GIFs and found an additional issue: their color mode is RGB. GIFs need to be Indexed color, not RGB.

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