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Animated gif not animated

  1. I have put a 2-frame animated gif in a blog post. It animates in the edit window but not in the published post itself. (I'm on Safari). If I click on it, it animates in the pop-up window.

    Do I need to do something differently? I'm hoping this is just a browser issue.

    Here's the URL, it's the picture of the meerkat.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Probably a browser issue. I've made this ( gif-animation at, and placed it in my Mozilla Firefox browser. Works just fine! Try at gickr, place the "img"-textfield in your posts in another browser, not Safari. Good luck!

  3. Animated gifs don't work when resized. You need to create and upload a copy not exceeding the maximum width of the theme you're using (500 px).

  4. allthingsrobin

    panaghiotisadam, that did the trick. I didn't know about the resizing thing. Thanks so much!


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