Animated GIF not displaying properly?

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    Hi! I uploaded an animated gif to my blog.

    While I can see it in the Post Editor, it displays as a broken image in my post. Furthermore, it’s also a broken image in my “Media” section.

    The image URL inserted into my post is:

    As you can see, it’s a 404. However, if I remove the “?w=628” at the end of the URL:

    It works!

    Have I discovered a legitimate bug?

    How can I insert this image into my post and remove that “?w=628” at the end? (It’s not in the HTML I can edit.)


    The blog I need help with is


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    No, it’s not a bug. This is how this platform works:
    you must upload your animated gif as the exact size you want it to display on your site. If you edit its dimensions it will not work.


    I am also having problems getting an animated gif to work as my featured image. I’ve read all of the other forums about this topic, and believe that I’ve eliminated all of the problems already mentioned.

    The gif is exactly the correct requested size (1000×288), and does not resize. It is only 82k, with 2 frames, so it isn’t too large memory-wise. Pngs of the same size display properly. I’ve tried both normal and interlaced gifs, in both cases the image displays as a narrow bar.

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