animated gif wont work.

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    it’s a post i haven’t put up yet, but i’m wondering what the tricks are here. i’ve already tried deleting the image link and deleting everything in the size fields, although the current post only has the image link deleted.

    here’s the post:

    The blog I need help with is



    The gif can’t be scaled – it must be uploaded at the exact size it is used on the Post.



    Take a close look at that link that you posted above. It’s still 2011. Are you referring to a scheduled post that has yet to be published?

    Did you fail to set your date and time zone up here > Settings > General?

    Animated gifs will not operate unless you presize them to the exact size required prior to uploading them into a post or page. If you do not so that the cropper comes into play they will not work. Have you deleted the image from your Media Library as well as from the post? If so then the next step is to presize the animated gif and upload it.
    Maximum displayed image width by theme
    Sidebar width by theme


    got it. my original file from photoshop was 600×600 and the largest it will accept is 580×580. also, it’s scheduled to be posted on the first day of 2012. thanks though. :)



    Hi there,
    I’m glad we have resolved this. Best wishes with your blog. :)

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