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    I can’t seem to get an animated gif to play in a post. I saw many forum discussions on putting animated gifs into headers, but I simply want to put one in and have it animate in a post. The first frame of the animation shows up in the post- if you click on it, it opens a new window where the animation play. Is there any way to have it automatically play within the post itself? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Do not link the image. In the post editor, click on the image then click on the edit image icon at the top left of the image, then click on “none” in the “file URL section, click “update” and then click “update post.”



    Thank you! Unfortunately, this didn’t work. Any other ideas?



    What’s strange is that it plays in the editor, but not on the blog itself.


    Make sure you insert it in real size. Animated gifs won’t work if resized by the uploader.


    yeah add real size images and it works just well



    Excellent, thank you!



    thanks panaghiotisadam, it works perfectly with your advise!



    I am also trying to insert an animated gif into a post, but am unable to get it to work. I have uploaded it as the original size and inserted into my post as the original size, but while it works in the editor window it won’t work on my blog.



    Posted too soon. I figured it out.



    And what did you figure out? I’ve got the same problem, can’t make it work neither. Not in original size nor with nor without link.

    And it seems, that depends on changes in wordpress, as I had no problem with an animated gif in a post couple of weeks ago. Now the same gif isn’t animated anymore. Any clue?


    @joulupukki: Link to the post in question please.

    And always paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). Helps us help you.



    Do not click the original size button and leave the fields with width and length empty. It works for me:

    Had problems getting the gif to work before leaving the fields blank.



    Thanks! This tip seems to work in my blog (… jeesh. One post fixed, another 90 or so to go. Perhaps WordPress’ latest updates did this? All my animated gifs did work until a couple of days ago…
    Thanks again



    Thank you thank you. I went nuts last night trying to figure out why the new gifs in todays post were not working. This is def some kind of new glitch. By leaving the width and length fields empty in th advance settings it fixed it.


    OK, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Mine isn’t working and I don’t have any advanced settings or anything else. I get to choose sizes and right/left justification, but that’s it. It defaults to left justification and I just left everything alone.

    I’m just getting started.

    Any ideas?


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    Is this your blog:
    (the link in the post above goes to: )
    In HTML—
    <img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-38" title="Headspinner" src="" alt="Headspinner" width="144" height="177" />
    <img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-38" title="Headspinner" src="" alt="Headspinner" />

    Or, in visual editor, edit your gif by clicking the mountain icon, advanced settings and delete this from “source” (after “…headspinner5.gif”):
    and delete the numbers from “size” so they are blank


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    The mountain icon appears when you click on your gif (or jpeg). On the top left of the pop-up window, it says “Edit Image” and “Advanced Settings.” Click on the Advanced Settings tab.



    Cheers leaving the width and length fields empty worked a dream!

    Check it!



    Yeah, it works fine for a new post. What about the several hundred .gifs I’ve posted every Friday for the past two years? Is WP gonna fix the glitch, or am I looking at archive drudgery? –Bunk

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