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    Is there any way to make your(my) custom image header animated? I wanted to create an animation where the text and visual elements of my header all come together when a user first gets to my blog site. Let me know. thanks:)




    Hi-it would be great if you’d link your blog in your forum profile.

    My guess would be an animated GIF, since you can’t use flash, but at that size header (Contempt is 750×140), the file size would be enormous (in my limited experience).


    but an animated gif is possible? I have the 1gb account.


    It is possible, but as justjennifer says, the image file could be huge.

    It’s not a matter of having the space, it’s about your viewers. If someone with dial up goes to your blog, and it takes 20-30 seconds for the page to appear due to it loading the animated header, they may go elsewhere before viewing it. There are still a lot of people using dial up.

    I would be keep it as the file size as small as possible.

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