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Animated Header?

  1. Hi, I am trying to add a animated header , but I can't add a fla file. Any way I can add a animated header at all?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you using or Please provide a link, starting with http://

  3. How do I get my header to show a slideshow of pictures on posts? Why do they look all stretched out?

  4. I am using, why?

    Link to the blog I want the banner on:

  5. ...

  6. An animated gif file should be OK provided it is exactly the correct size for your chosen theme. If WordPress scales it, I think it will convert it to a jpg.

    Mind you, you may find that an animated gif is rather unsatisfactory.

  7. I am talking about a flash animation.

  8. I think sites dont allow flash animations.

  9. Too bad, they should make it possible..

  10. @alllifeme

    FYI:Keep in mind that the people who answer questions on this forum are volunteers, your fellow bloggers. This is a peer-support forum, though staff does drop by sometimes. I am a volunteer so I stop in when I can, but posting "…" won't get you any faster answers.

    Quotes from the conversation above:

    Are you using or Please provide a link, starting with http://

    I am using, why?

    An answer to "why:"
    Many people who have blogs mistakenly post in this forum, not realizing that there are two separate and distinct kinds of wordpress. answers almost always don't apply to blogs:

    And some people have multiple blogs, so we volunteers can't tell which blog you are asking about. Lots of answers depend on which theme you are using.

    As for your header, animation can be via gif files but they are slow loading for folk with modems and you are likely to lose viewers who have to wait. And as knashermac2009
    noted, they quality may not suit your priorities.

    There are ways to use flash on using gigya type coding, but I don't know if it would work in a header image. I think it would not. A text widget, post, or page, YES, but not a header.

    May could be someone else knows otherwise?

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