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animated header on Theme: chaoticsoul by bryan veloso.

  1. hi , i have made a custom header and now i edited it to a .gif so it has an animation.
    however doesnt matter what size my header is it always asks me to crop even just the slightest.
    once i do that and add it , theres no animation but just a picture.
    ls lt becuz i cropped it or becuz this theme doesnt allow anitmated headers?
    thanks for ur help

  2. Animated images I tried in headers quit working. Animated images when used as avatars do not work. Animated images do work on pages, in posts and in text widgets.

  3. but ive seen headers that had animations in them

  4. Are you sure they were hosted blogs?

    WordPress headers are not simply pictures put in the top of a page - there's quite some CSS coding included in order to have text and whatever appear on top of them - and it is not possible to have background images animating (...correct me if I'm wrong).

    - Biyang

  5. this person for example has an animated header

  6. I am not 100% certain, but I think that the splitting up of the header that Chaotic Soul does interferes with things. Why don't you test it on a quiet period of your blog by switching to another dark theme like NeoSapien and seeing if it works?

    Also, if you can find the URL of the actual uploaded header we can check it out and let you know if there's a problem with the image.

  7. thanks , i asked the person how he does it , it might be a problem with my current theme.
    its ok tho , just wanted to fancy it up with the upcoming holidays but if its not compatible with chaotic theme then its ok too xd
    thanks for ur help

  8. I agree that testing on another theme is a good idea. Note that the blog you pointed to does have an animated header but note also how long it took the page to load. Now combine that with "snap perviews" and the page loading time will be even longer. This may not be the kind of "fancy gift" that you want to give your visitors during the holiday season.
    Best wishes :)

  9. Apparently I was wrong then - background pictures can be animated.

    I've taken this CSS code from the blog you linked to, fanocp:

    #mainpic {
    	background: url( no-repeat;

    But as raincoaster says, it's probably theme specific. Timethief has a good point too about page loading time. Gif-animations was something fancy around 10 years ago, but I wouldn't advice anyone to use them now if they can avoid it. It's slow, (almost always) ugly, and (in most cases) confusing to the eye when browsing.

    - Biyang

  10. Timetheif,I dissagree!I Made an animation using animator 9,and I posted it and it was animated!

  11. In the past animated headers did not work. I can testify to this because I tried over and obver again to use animations. However, in the mysterious backend of ths staff silently changed things and then they did work. VOILA! Happy blogging to you.

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