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Animating/improving header image quality?

  1. Timethief...I had a look at your link but that's not what I've done. Mine is just an animated gif so doesn't require any script or PHP fiddling.

    My gif is made up of three pics...60 seconds for each photo, then 5 pics 20th of a second long using varying amounts of transparency to merge to the next pic. Definitely an animated gif...I could just as easily create a stick man running across the page.

    I assume the method you refer to would create a much smaller file, but I believe I'd have to pay to get customisation etc to get it to work? Plus I haven't a clue where to start with PHP etc!

  2. Just noticed your link ryanjenn, thanks :) I tried using the gif animator to optimise but it only made a small difference to the file size for a big loss in quality, but i have Picassa installed so will try it on that.

  3. I have been playing around with the animations also. Those 5 pics in between each image kill the filesize. My advice would be to reduce the quality of those transition pics (since they are only up for a small amount of time and only for transition) or try it without the transitions.

    I went from 2 main pics with 5 on each side for transition and upped it to 10 on each side and it doubled my filesize.

  4. Thanks I will try changing the transition pics...I managed to optimise the file and get it down to around 700kb from 1.2mb, so hopefully I can get it smaller.

  5. I've been having the same problem with header picture quality as mentioned in the beginning of this thread. Because I have two blogs on WordPress I've been able to do some comparative custom header research: the same header pic I uploaded to my older blog some 8 months ago(?) looks just fine whereas the same pic in my new blog looks all grainy. Uploading it as gif, jpeg or png -format doesn't affect the pic. The same problem persists also when using different templates.

    Any advice?

  6. File sizes in kb and some links to what you're seeing would help.

  7. Check out the header pic at:
    Filesize is around 18 kb. I just deleted the pic in my old blog so now you just have to take my word that the pic I uploaded earlier was indeed crisp and clear. :(

  8. I have no problem with quality or animation of the header at:

    File size is 153 kb.

    All you have to do to get any animated gif to work in the header is to have the dimensions of th image exactly what the header calls for so the crop doesn't have to take effect because that will ruin the animation sequence. Cropping effectively works on a single frame only and WordPress will ignore the rest. Hope this helps.

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