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Animus: The Web Serial

  1. If you're interested in reading fiction, you might enjoy my blog. I use to publish an online web serial. These episodes range from 1,000 to 10,000 words, and take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to read. There are pictures incorporated into many of the episodes, and a friend of mine is working publishing "radio drama" style podcasts of each.

    "Animus" is a science fiction tale set in Earth's future. The year is 2193. Mankind has colonized parts of the galaxy, but our progress was stopped by the bloody and horrible Territory Wars. Now, this war-torn galaxy suffers under the rule of a tyrannical government called "The Civil Triumvirate". While the Triumvirate has restored law and created significant progress throughout mankind, it has come at a steep cost. Freedom is but an afterthought, but not for those of the Freedom Coalition. They seek to restore the basic human rights of people across the galaxy. However, this is but a backdrop for an even greater story... a story about fate, destiny, and the struggle to survive against impossible odds.

    This story contains adult language and content. It was launched August 29th, 2010, and is protected by the Creative Commons by|nc|nd license.

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