Annotum Theme – Why So Little Info?

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    While browsing the theme showcase I came across a very interesting theme called: “Annotum Base”

    It is a very highly customizable theme but I am weary to use it because I know nothing about it and it gives you a warning at the top when you use it which leads me to think that maybe it isn’t your average joe’s blog type of theme.

    WARNING! You are currently running an Annotum-enabled theme: Annotum Base

    Switching to a non-Annotum-enabled theme would make your scholarly articles invisible, if you have any. Never fear, the content would be preserved, but can only be displayed within an Annotum-enabled theme. Should you want to want to switch to one of our standard or premium themes, you can convert your articles to standard posts beforehand. By doing so, your articles will be visible under any of our themes.

    It can use widgets, you can customize the colour scheme but not set a background image. Just seems too good to be true, something that offers so much customization it has to have some catch right? Any info you can give would be great. Thanks! :D


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    It’s (or rather they’re) a specialized theme. See the WP blog about its introduction:

    Also see this:



    Does this announcement enlighten you about who the theme is for? :)
    Google Knols Move to WordPress: The Annotum Platform

    Note this Staff request too:

    Can you please contact us in Support directly about this and other problems with the Annotum theme?

    Annotum is a partner theme and so we need to pass on this information to the team that is working on it after we test what you’ve reported. The fastest way to do this is to have you contact us directly.



    Fantastic help as always that really cleared things up for me.



    You’re welcome from me. :)

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