Announcement: Language name standardization

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    Just a quick note to draw your attention to a GlotPress patch, with the purpose of keeping language/variants organized on the languages list. It is already deployed.

    Summary of changes:

    • ‘Polytonic Greek’ becomes ‘Greek (Polytonic)’
    • ‘Peruvian Spanish’ becomes ‘Spanish (Peru)’
    • ‘Venezuelan Spanish’ becomes ‘Spanish (Venezuela)’
    • ‘Spanish’ becomes ‘Spanish (Spain)’
    • ‘French’ becomes ‘French (France)’
    • ‘Belgian French’ becomes ‘French (Belgium)’
    • ‘Swiss French’ becomes ‘French (Switzerland)’
    • ‘Norwegian Bokmål’ becomes ‘Norwegian (Bokmål)’
    • ‘Norwegian Nynorsk’ becomes ‘Norwegian (Nynorsk)’
    • ‘Brazilian Portuguese’ becomes ‘Portuguese (Brazil)’
    • ‘Portuguese’ becomes ‘Portuguese (Portugal)’
    • ‘Ukrainian Russian’ becomes ‘Russian (Ukraine)’ (not sure about this one. Suggestions are welcome)


    The blog I need help with is


    Chilean Spanish was missing. Ticket submitted.

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