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Announcement: Theme Review #3

  1. I've posted the third installment of the theme review.

    I tackled all of the latest themes.

    WordPress Theme Review: Pool, Cutline, Rounded, Day Dream

  2. hmmm ... this was a very interesting run. I think it would have been intersting to have run a comparison between Cutline and Pressrow as the two seem so similar. And also one between Ambiru and DayDream as they are also similar in appearance.

  3. I agree with TT. I'm curious as to why you don't mention Pressrow when you mention Cutline...same designer, similar theme - but not the same. Personally I think it is a better theme than Daydream by far. I like Cutline a lot, but I've switched back to Pressrow for the time being - Cutline is certainly functional, but there is just something about Press row that "grabs" me. Maybe it's the large headlines.

  4. @britgirl
    engtech's test runs are cut and dried stuff - very good stuff I might add. He's providing us all with information that here to for was not known at least not in any organized and quanitifiable way. engtech is not really dealing with appearance.

    The fonts used in cutline do not appeal to me at all. The typography in Daydream does appeal to me. The fonts in Pressrow in comparison to thos Cutline are IMO more appealing. In my case I would like to see the size of the fonts in the blog title of Pressrow reduced.

  5. I'm doing these four at a time so I can get through all of them. :)

    They're all in a big spreadsheet that I'll be releasing at the end of it, so then it will be easy for someone to compare any two themes side-by-side by features.

    I'm not as concerned about appearance because it's pretty easy for someone to tell off the bat if a theme is appealing to them or not -- what I'm looking for is the nitty gritty, so that if someone is looking for a theme with custom image header, sidebar widgets support, flexible sizing and page templates then they could quickly scan the list to find the themes that match that criteria instead of trying out every theme for a week only to find out that it's missing critical features.

  6. @TT -That doesn't answer my question as to why he didn't mention Pressrow. I'm not that bothered. I am simply curious. My observation wasn't simply based on appearance.
    I personally like the big font the the title header in Press Row. Cutline's I found unremarkable. I know the way to change fonts I don't like on a theme I do is to buy the CSS upgrade. I've seen where that's been done.

  7. @britgirl
    engtech is doing all the themes in runs of 4 at a time and Pressrow was in the second run that was done. The results of that run can be found on his webstite here

    Pressrow - my current favourite theme
    (1) I like the font being used but I would like to see a slightly smaller Blog Title heading size (For example if the font size is now 14 then I would like it to be reduced to 12).
    (2) I would would like to see the headings in athe sidebar reduced in size also (For example if the font size is now 12 then I would like it to be reduced to 10).
    (3) I would like to see the "gray effect" given to the background in the sidebar removed completely.
    (4) I would like to see "jump to comments" removed completely as it interferes with image placement options.
    (5) I would like the missing edit links to be put in for each post.
    (6) I believe there were othe sidebar issues but can't home in on them right now.

  8. Interesting... I wouldn't like any of those things to happen. I like the font as it is. There are already so many themes with small fonts, it's nice to have one that has larger fonts. I like the blue effect in the sidebar as it breaks up the white a bit. I have no problem with the jump to comments.

    But if you wanted to change aspects of the Press Row like font etc(as with Cutline) you can always do so. You can use the CSS option and customise it to your taste. I've seen that on some blogs were people preferred a smaller font.

    As far as I'm aware the edit post is available when you click on the post title. I guess it's a case of one person's "don't want" is another's "want". Personally I hope Press Row is kept as it is as the base theme.

  9. @engtech - I wanted to respond to your reply comment (and look at your press Row review as I didn't spot it yesterday) but can't find the link to the article on your blog :)! Tell me how I can find it...

    Edit - found the link from TT's link above re PressRow... sorry. You must have done this when it was first released as the edit post was fixed a couple of days after it was released...Several people complained it was missing and it was replaced pretty quickly. I've used it several times.

  10. Yup, I did do it right after release.

    My plan is once I've gone through all of the themes once (and I've hammered out everything I'm testing for) I'm going to do a second pass for corrections.

  11. @TT - I just looked at your Press Row blog - and I can indeed see why you don't like the bluey gray background in the PR sidebar... when you have single or short links it makes it really stand out. I have longer sections so that's why it doesn't bother me. Interesting.

  12. The blue-gray background would be okay (I guess) if I only had a few categories and no sub-categories but when you have a lot of both it doesn't look good at all, at all. If you check out the sidebar here I'm sure you'll agree that a white background would create a better apearance.
    A similar problem with the large headings presents only when one has long titles (keep in mind that I like them large and I'm only suggesting a slight reduction). If the blog title is only a couple of words there is no issue. And i the headings used in the sidebar are once again two short words no problem but when this isn't the case the appearance goes downhill.

  13. @engtech:
    Thanks for doing this. It's been quite helpful. I'm experimenting with themes on my second blog with the possibility of changing the theme of my primary one. You're making it easier.

    Just checked your sidebar. I see your point.

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