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Announcing unused (not deleted) blog names for transfer

  1. Is there a place in WordPress where unused (not deleted!) blog names can be announced so that ownership can be transferred to interested parties?

    To clarify - and emphasize - I'm referring to blogs that have NOT been deleted yet. I've read the FAQ and I'm aware that names of deleted blogs can't be reused.

    I have several inactive blogs whose names I'd love to give away. I already set them up so that anyone can leave a comment if they're interested. Thing is, the blogs are just sitting there - fat chance of anyone thinking up that exact name and searching for it. Perhaps if new users were suggested blog names instead? Perhaps if there was a blog or a forum thread where they can go "shopping" for usernames that are available for transfer?

    Also, to address a couple of things raised in a similar, older thread (
    - I know it's easy to think up a name of your own, but sometimes there are existing ones that you really, really want, without the extra characters.
    - I doubt that mistaken identity scenarios are all that likely IF the new owner makes it a point to identify him/herself as appropriate. I do think people know better than to make conclusions about a blog's identity without so much as visiting an About page or, in the first place, getting a feel of the content, or looking at the author's photos. In any case, we can propose several conditions for the name transfer (such as a coherent About page, or a discernible photograph).

  2. They don't really have a place to list them, but what you can do is post the names in the off-topic forum. You could also contact staff directly and suggest it. Perhaps they could add another forum for that purpose.

  3. Thanks! I'll do that. :)

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