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Annoying and very irritating SNOW - Stop it NOW please

  1. Please turn off the very annoying snow effect.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can disable the snow and then it will not display on your blog or any other blogs you visit. Disable the snow here >!/settings/

  3. Just un-tick the "Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th." at the bottom of the setting screen :)

  4. Hmmm I think I covered that above - thanks.

  5. sorry - didn't mean to point out the blindingly obvious ;)

  6. What you need to do is go to your settings and untick the "Show falling snow" setting at the bottom of the screen.

  7. Can anyone tell me why my readers can see the snow but I can only see mine if I'm logged out? I also can't see other reader's snow.

  8. I don't have an answer to that. Hopefully you can't see that stuff on my blogs as I disabled it as soon as I knew how to on the year it was introduced. My readers don't need to experience that resource hog - thanks.

  9. What you need to do is go to your settings and see if the "Show falling snow" setting at the bottom of the screen is ticked, if it isn't; tick it.

  10. @ardpete it comes on automatically every year if you leave it checked. I tried checking it and unchecking it and saving it again, and that did not work. What's more there's a new problem with my settings in general that I posted about here.

  11. @Timethief no snow on yours! :)

    I can see it on readers who told me they signed up for it, they also said they couldn't see it at first. Disappointing as I'm now the only person who can't see my snow!

  12. Dear The Team,
    I hope it is ok to say that I am ridiculously pleased to see the free snow, and happy that it will be sifting down through my posts until January. It is a much nicer touch of holiday than the artificially jolly non-carols at the shopping mall. And, I just discovered that dragging the cursor will steer the falling direction of the individual flakes! To think that someone at WordPress figured out that stuff! Did they have to stay up late to write the programming? Can you make it fall in my kitchen? Do we get falling tree pollen in April?
    -- easily entertained blogger Mary

  13. @ameliespp

    Timethief no snow on yours! :)

    Good because I don't want my users experiencing any negative experiences behaviors due to that resource hog.

  14. Thanks for making it optional, but it was a bad idea and annoying in the first place.

  15. Much like Christmas and Winter in general.

  16. @ardpete
    Only a snowflake happy dances when this resource hog is implemented annually. ;)

  17. Personally, I can't stand anything moving, blinking, scrolling, flashing or animated in any other way. I find it highly distracting when I'm trying to read and in some cases it actually hurts my eyes.

  18. I can't see it on iPad but I had a look on a laptop and it just looks like annoying white dots falling. Big fuss over nowt. 😳

  19. I'm with you on that. I'm visually challenged due to a damaged optic nerve, which it tune was due to drunk driver who got away with passing out at the wheel crossing the center line, totally my car and changing my life forever. No one at the scene could identify him. When the police arrived at his home he was standing by his car drinking vodka and claimed he didn't know who had driven his car. The neighbors said they didn't see him driving. There was no way to prove he was the driver so he got away with a slapped wrist.

  20. edit = "it tune" was meant to be "in turn"

  21. Oooh if there is one thing I hate it's drunk drivers. There should be zero tolerance and NO drink allowed when driving. Not even one unit or one glass. It's not just them who suffer but the poor souls they kill, maim and injure.
    The drunk who injured you, TT should have been locked up and banned from driving for life.

  22. Anyone any idea why I have the snow option on one site but not another? Both are self hosted.

  23. self hosted.

    Self hosting bloggers have FTP access and can individually choose to install this resource plugin or not. We don't provide any support for self hosted installs here. WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG are completely separate and if that's the site you need help with then this is the correct forum for your software http://wordpress.ORG/support/ If you have not registered a username account yet you can do so on the top right hand corner of the page I just linked to so you can post to those support forums. vs The Differences

  24. OK, that's fine thanks, wasn't really asking for support, just wondering if anyone knew a simple answer why I had the option on one site and not the other when I haven't knowingly installed anything via ftp or otherwise.

    But I'll know not to ask again!

  25. Okay.

  26. .. and it's not a plug-in, it's fed directly from wordpress even to self hosted sites.

  27. @mhk1058
    You are posting off-topic into this thread. Please create your own thread using this link >
    Tag that new thread with modlook for Staff help and provide the URL of the self hosted blog in question in the new thread. Then subscribe to the new thread so you are notified when Staff respond.

  28. Blimey o'reilly, keep your hair on, hardly the crime of the century and it isn't exactly off topic. Asking a question isn't exactly asking for support & I don't see anything in the forum rules saying I'm not allowed to be here.

    Are you an appointed moderator by, or just self appointed forum police?

  29. @mhk1058
    I thought you wanted Staff help so I politely provided the means for getting it. I suggest you read this After you read that consider the fact that I don't take any abuse from anyone ever.

  30. belladonichaze

    Turn it off.

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