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  1. Hi Devblog,

    Sounds like I have encountered a pretty sincere guy here. LOL~ Real nice to know such guys are still around. You can find Sally's in the thread 'BING invasion'.

    Well, I don't know what is Javascript or Flash and such as PHP or mySQL thing... So if I am going to statrt a blog, I don't even think I can start a designer page thing, as those custom-made pages.

    I bet it sounds pretty easy for those who interested in this, but I am one of those. I am one of those creative writers who just blog and check things on using the blog. Which is probably why I won't see on par with those who have label as mature, since most are other housewives, IT people or photographers or so...

    This is the basic problem for us people because we don't even know the basics and we don't really care about the basics; So all we want is some host who can provide the 'room' and we do whatever we want.

    Regarding the 'reading of terms' part, it is in general that when MOST people understand that people don't read such things, it becomes a RATIONAL basis that such terms are NOT present well to the users. Which is, when you have an agreement and you don't bother to present it in such a way people understand in rational concern, it is not valid. It's like the Will, you can't legalise a Will if everyone knows or it is certified that the manner the Will is arranged is not valid (eg. People know this guy is in a coma or is crazy...).

    Many people don't know this.

    Just say that a term or contract is made between two aware and willing parties.

    It's normal people won't read such terms, especially the way the people are presented those terms. Because in real, nobody really buy those terms.


    You have to choose a great host, you know. And whom they can click with you. I find the latter requirement more important than the technical aspect, because technically, things can be fixed or enhanced. But people brains, once closed up, it's very difficult to crack open. In hosts, most are after profits, and many have their agendas, and unless you are prepared and able to migrate, you are at the mercy of any undiscovered crackbrains.

    That's my experience. Be it bloggers or China blogs, I ever know of one huge company who departments fought internally, and various blogs suddenly hits either went very high or got into a stuck. External issues may induce meddling as well.

    Visit and see for yourself. If you are looking for Mature sites for your Mature entertainment, do you think this is the site for your Mature time? Simple test of truth.


    Talk to Sacred, this guy is a nice chap. He may do more for you than you have wanted. But he's straight forward, just don't take offence with him.

  2. Nancy, when you learned to drive a car, did you just put in the keys, turn over the engine and off you went? I hope not! You probably took lessons. Just like everything else there is a learning curve. The forums, Support Docs with and Support are all "lessons" on how to use

  3. Hey also don't forget that you can also do a searcg not only here in the forums but also of wordpress blogs. I've found that to be extremely helpful.

  4. I wonder if nancy and adam are related, perhaps? Just, you know, throwing that out there.

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