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    I wish I were over there sometimes but not frequently. ;) (islanders’ joke)
    If I were over there I’d love to come to your talks and lessons.



    It’s WordCamp VICTORIA. And I can comp you if you want.



    I’d love to attend to one of rain’s seminars too. I’m pretty positive it’d be a great experience.



    Aw, thanks! Some day I’ll be a famous TED speaker and then I can fly to speak at all of your towns.



    Hi DevBlog,

    Well, who hasn’t? But here’s the issue, to get a server is one thing, to manage the technical part is another. As you know, there are plenty of critters out there on the internet who’d mess with things for reasons you’ve totally the wildest of imagination.

    Sally is annoyed, presumeably plenty of others are annoyed as well, because BING just without your invitations interfere with your operations and mess with your systems. It’s a nuisance and bad publicity as the way that when customers are not happy and they bitch about it, you don’t a customer service department but a legal department to dish out legal threats to customers asking them to shut up.

    Now this kind of assholes do exist in real, and they will do anything with no regards to consumers to ‘grow’. And Bing is obviously one of those. Some people blamed Cheru for featuring their sites at alphainventions without their prior knowledge (if I not recall wrongly), but Cheru’s activities are private and harmless as in even my blog can start advertising your blog or your links. Which is also why I am pretty agitated when WordPress label my blog as Mature when this blog is obviously more like PG-13, which is normal. But Bing… when it does what it wants, it doesn’t care if it disrupts people’s operation.

    For instance, I am going to X site, and everything was fine, the links inputed, and there… I got BING-ed! All the time I thought I have loaded the site when I went to toilet. Bloody hell… …

    So for self-hosting, it’s all the same. If WordPress can’t deliver the trusted management, then people would have to consider to move out. The reason why I have chosen WordPress instead of Blogger was due to a heard customer service issue with Blogger.

    So unless you are a technical guy with the Wire-God around blessing you, you are better off finding a good host and keep BING and all those silly hands off your blogging.




    Almost forgotten:

    See? That’s the big issue of finding a host that would leave you alone on blogging. I have to input this link everytime I post something.

    Clearly nobody who are looking for Mature Stuff will come to my blog, and I got the rating. How not to be unhappy?


    Moderator Emeritus

    Is the blog you are talking about this?
    I certainly don’t understand the mature rating. no pictures… and it is not in English so I can’t tell what this is about.

    At any rate, these forums are not the place to discuss the issue. Staff has the authority to decide, not any of us volunteers.

    Also, this is a “free” service available to the public. But more importantly, it is “their” business. They are the arbiters of what works for them and what doesn’t.

    I doubt that with “October wrap-up: 2,509,895 active blogs” there is anything personal happening.

    If you are unhappy at then there are many options open to you.




    But here’s the issue, to get a server is one thing, to manage the technical part is another. As you know, there are plenty of critters out there on the internet who’d mess with things for reasons you’ve totally the wildest of imagination.

    Yes, unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and malicious people are always trying how to mess you up. Having said that, nowadays managing the technical part (which I believe you’re referring to managing a server, correct me if I’m mistaken) is pretty easy unless you are setting up your server yourself. Why is it “easy”, well because there are many hosting providers that do take care of securing their servers against cracking attempts (crackers are one thing and hackers are another thing. Hackers build things, crackers destroy them. Unfortunately the term is widely misuse, but lest I digress… that’s a conversation for another time).

    There are several hosting providers that do take security seriously and do their best to keep your data secure from crackers.

    I saw your blog from your link in the post above and I saw some Chinese. If you’re not in main land China, access to hosting providers here in the US should be pretty easy and without restrictions. I’m saying this because you might want to consider researching what hosting providers would best fit your needs.

    I would recommend (in no particular order):

    a) Dreamhost
    b) HostGator
    c) MDDHosting

    You can search for reviews of these providers on WebHostingTalk

    With these hosting providers, you don’t need to worry about system updates: PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc. They do that. The only thing you’d have to take care of is updating the wordpress (or another blogging) software yourself. The current wordpress version has a button that you just click and the software updates itself… no need to download and upload those files to your server.

    Security is the same as important on a self-hosted blog as it is on a hosted one. It depends of the strength of your password. If you choose a weak one, you’re account will be cracked; it won’t if otherwise.

    So for self-hosting, it’s all the same.

    Is not, for the reasons I posted above.

    Regarding Bing and what happened to Sally. I don’t know her, and I don’t want to assume, but unfortunately a LOT of people never read the steps nor the license agreements, they just click next, next, next, ok. They don’t even bother to double check if a “Yes, I want to make ___________[fill in blank]________ my default search engine” checkbox is checked or not. Bing is run by Microsoft, and they know that by law they’re required to present the users with all the information and privacy policies when such person is installing their software… Again, I wasn’t there when she installed the software, but I bet they did ask if she wanted to make Bing her default search engine. That’s why it’s ALWAYS recommended to take your time and read whatever steps the software is presenting you when installing something. There have been times when I didn’t finish installing a program because:

    a) I didn’t agree with their TOS
    b) I didn’t agree with their privacy policy
    c) I was required to isntall something else in order to use their software

    If I just went through the isntallation process without reading anything, who knows how much junk my computer would have now.

    Since I ended up canceling the installation process of those programs, I looked for alternatives until I found those whose TOS and policies were more acceptable for me.
    Bottom line is to read eveyrthing when isntalling something. Can be tedious? yes, but better safe than sorry.

    With a self-hosted blog, you’re lord and master of your domain. Is that simple. You can put ads, flash, javascript, iframes… etc.

    So unless you are a technical guy with the Wire-God around blessing you, you are better off finding a good host and keep BING and all those silly hands off your blogging.

    Not really, and I already explain that, unless you’re setting up your server yourself. Besides, if you need to do something more “complex” Google can provide with lots of resources that can help you achieving what you want.

    Bing is just another search engine… just as Google and Yahoo! are… and that’s it. Bing should mess with your blogging at all, unless you installed their bar or something like that. I have FIVE self-hosted blogs and have never had a problem with Bing or other service like that.

    See? That’s the big issue of finding a host that would leave you alone on blogging. I have to input this link everytime I post something.

    Well, if you been around these forums for some time, you’d have noticed that volunteers always ask for the URL of the person’s blog because whatever may work for a self-hosted blog won’t work here. Here the problem that people DON’T read is again clear: they don’t take the time to read the stickies and they just assume that because the header has the WordPress logo, they can ask here if they have a problem with a SQL statement or a PHP error.

    Because people DON’T read, they sign up for a blog and later wonder WHY they can’t use Google Ads. They don’t even bother to SEARCH the forums before posting a question that was probably answer 5 minutes ago…. And I could go on and on….

    Did I digress? sorry if I did, just wanted to clarify things for you since it seems to me that you have a misconception of how some stuff work.

    PS. sorry if you find errors in my post, but right now I’m just too tired to proofread it.



    Even though they say you can make a fully functioning website with WordPress, you can’t. Even though it looks like you can, sounds like you can… you can’t.

    Sorry to burst your bubble. Your better off with Blogspot or nothing but a mass email hitlist.

    Oh adamhphoto, you just burst my bubble. I just joined here. I have never done any blogging, or website or anything. I wanted to give it a try, they said you can do a website easily, (I am not very computer savvy) so I joined. Now you say NO. POP!!!



    threads (like the above) remind me of the personal side to WP, for all of its being difficult and sometimes frustrating, it is this ‘human’ element that has kept me a member for the last 4 months (‘quiet down now, old timer talking”)

    Anyway, my thanks to the the volunteer side of this place, without the ‘kind of help’ you have afforded me, I would have been long gone. (By that I mean, I have found an atmosphere that is neither: ‘you should expect us to do everything for you’ nor: ‘get in line we’ll get back to you’)

    For me, the balance of help and (forced) self-help has been perfect.

    Other than the times the forum sounds a bit like a over-sized and slightly competitive family (hey I answered that question right!” / ‘no I did and it was a better answer’), I have gotten more from this place than I have given.

    So, thanks to all. Good luck to whoever it was (at the top of the thread) who that can’t be given enough. Now please stop wasting the time of the people who might answer my next really, intriguing question.




    Hi Devblog,

    Sounds like I have encountered a pretty sincere guy here. LOL~ Real nice to know such guys are still around. You can find Sally’s in the thread ‘BING invasion’.

    Well, I don’t know what is Javascript or Flash and such as PHP or mySQL thing… So if I am going to statrt a blog, I don’t even think I can start a designer page thing, as those custom-made pages.

    I bet it sounds pretty easy for those who interested in this, but I am one of those. I am one of those creative writers who just blog and check things on using the blog. Which is probably why I won’t see on par with those who have label as mature, since most are other housewives, IT people or photographers or so…

    This is the basic problem for us people because we don’t even know the basics and we don’t really care about the basics; So all we want is some host who can provide the ‘room’ and we do whatever we want.

    Regarding the ‘reading of terms’ part, it is in general that when MOST people understand that people don’t read such things, it becomes a RATIONAL basis that such terms are NOT present well to the users. Which is, when you have an agreement and you don’t bother to present it in such a way people understand in rational concern, it is not valid. It’s like the Will, you can’t legalise a Will if everyone knows or it is certified that the manner the Will is arranged is not valid (eg. People know this guy is in a coma or is crazy…).

    Many people don’t know this.

    Just say that a term or contract is made between two aware and willing parties.

    It’s normal people won’t read such terms, especially the way the people are presented those terms. Because in real, nobody really buy those terms.


    You have to choose a great host, you know. And whom they can click with you. I find the latter requirement more important than the technical aspect, because technically, things can be fixed or enhanced. But people brains, once closed up, it’s very difficult to crack open. In hosts, most are after profits, and many have their agendas, and unless you are prepared and able to migrate, you are at the mercy of any undiscovered crackbrains.

    That’s my experience. Be it bloggers or China blogs, I ever know of one huge company who departments fought internally, and various blogs suddenly hits either went very high or got into a stuck. External issues may induce meddling as well.

    Visit and see for yourself. If you are looking for Mature sites for your Mature entertainment, do you think this is the site for your Mature time? Simple test of truth.


    Talk to Sacred, this guy is a nice chap. He may do more for you than you have wanted. But he’s straight forward, just don’t take offence with him.



    Nancy, when you learned to drive a car, did you just put in the keys, turn over the engine and off you went? I hope not! You probably took lessons. Just like everything else there is a learning curve. The forums, Support Docs with and Support are all “lessons” on how to use



    Hey also don’t forget that you can also do a searcg not only here in the forums but also of wordpress blogs. I’ve found that to be extremely helpful.



    I wonder if nancy and adam are related, perhaps? Just, you know, throwing that out there.

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