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Annual blogging report

  1. Just got an email to view this online but haven't been able to find it within my blog itself - would be a lot easier if I could view it from within the blog rather than having to go find the email/bookmark again etc. Anyone know if this is possible?

    I'd like to take the opportunity to THANK all of the hard working people behind the scenes who work so hard to make WP as fantastic as it is, & while sometime ago I was actively trying to remove my blog to self hosting, reports like this make me very glad I didn't as I found it so well written & made the figures more interesting than just a list of numbers - thanks guys :))

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The site linked to your username does not load. I assume you are referring to a free hosted blog. If so then Staff conducted a small experimental stats study last year. The review was only sent out to a certain unknown number of blogs.

    I'm sorry I have no further help I can offer. It's my understanding that the email is all you get and that this annual report is not reflected in your blog but I could be wrong about that.

  3. Hi TT - thanks for advising me on the page loading error - comes from my previous attempt to host my own blog but I returned back to WP as I couldn't migrate my stats & didn't want to lose them. So yes, it's the free blog version.

    But thanks too for educating me - didn't realise it was only sent out to some & not all. Might be something they might like to consider adding in as part of the code for future versions as it's really quite useful.

    Appreciate your help :)
    Happy New Year

  4. As my blogs were not selected for inclusion last year I can't comment on the usability of such reports. Best wishes for a Happy New year to you too. :)

  5. Should have said - in case I've still not sorted the site out - it's Ever Looking Upwards

  6. Thanks for posting that link. :)

  7. I got one of those reports last year and there was a link to post the information about your blog in a post, page, or text widget. It's still on my main blog.

    I have not gotten it (yet) this year but the format may have changed.

  8. Yep - it does indeed have a facility to do that but I don't want to make it public & worry if I do I won't then maybe be able to delete it afterwards although I suppose that would be unlikely so maybe that is indeed the option. I'll maybe give it a go and see if it solves my issue - thanks.

  9. Wayho - that's worked a treat (I hope) - although I've published it as a private post I might just keep it off the blog entirely & leave it as a draft or whatever. But that's exactly what I was hoping for - roundabout way to get there, but thanks again - just what I wanted. :) Hopefully you'll get yours soon too.

  10. This year's report for my primary blog (not the one linked to my username) just landed in my inbox with a link to see the full report online. It appears to be private by default and if you choose you can share it in a number of ways.

    Happy blogging in 2012!

  11. Mine just showed up. Lots of bells and whistles! WoW! Lots of colors and graphics!

  12. I got one last year, but so far nothing this year. I'm jealous now that Tess says lots of bells and whistles!

  13. I haven't had time to check any email accounts. Who knows maybe one of my blogs was included this year or maybe not. I'm trying to complete my year end blog posts before the day is over. :)

  14. Good luck with that! :)

  15. rain has published her's but I feel like it'd be a spoiler... :)

  16. OH my! Guess what. I went to my email and I see "your 2011 year" one for each of my two blogs in my incoming emails I haven't even opened yet. How cool is that?

    It's only 3 PM here and there's wood and kindling to split before it gets dark. I can' wait for work to be over now. :) This is exciting!

  17. It's VERY cool!!!! I just got two emails from WordPress, one for Heart Sisters and one for The Ethical Nag

    And the reports' graphics this year are soooooo fabulous. Yippeeeee!

    Thanks again!! You people are very awesome.

    Happy New Year to you!


  18. Way cool graphics and such - they sent me two email's both for the same site - maybe they think I am a bit slow?? Oh well - they sent one for another blog I watch over and I sent it on to the people whose blog it is - I hope they like it.


  19. I opened mine - way cool! I love these. If I don't get them next year I may weep.

  20. I love them; they're great motivators.

    FYI we at got MORE bells and whistles in the report than those just using Jetpack: we can post ours as a post and make ours public. They can't. I know because I got one for my Jetpack'ed blog.

  21. I'm so chuffed! London Olympic Stadium holds 80,000 people. If it were competing at London Olympic Stadium, it would take about 5 sold-out events for that many people to see it.

  22. @raincoaster
    You published yours and I didn't. I felt like maybe it would seem like bragging so I just included some part of it in my 2011:Thanks for the Memories post.

  23. As you know, I have NO PROBLEM bragging. Because I'm made of awesome.

    The report said I'd published 666 photos, which is why I published the post: for some reason, that sounded like an inauspicious way to ring in the new year, so I published the post, bringing it to 667 photos for the year.

  24. I guess my site at 28,000 Page views is just an also ran - oh well the Sydney Opera House was a nice touch

  25. Mine will be up ASAP!\
    it looks good.
    LOL: I am so easily pleased.

  26. @auxclass
    28000 is nothing to sneeze at!
    nor the deviled eggs, and not to mention the cookies…

  27. just wanted to say thanks to the people at wordpress and bunches of bananas to the helper monkeys for the annual report. it was an unexpected surprise and speaks to the great work done on this site every day. happy new year everybody and god bless!

  28. They should take all the ones which have been made Public, give the blog owners $5 credit each, and put them all into a book that you can download. THE BOOK OF WORDPRESS.COM.

    Great swag for showing investors, Matt. I'm just sayin'!

  29. I got one last year. But didn't get it till now for 2011. I saw few reports posted in other blogs and they are awesome! I am eagerly looking forward to 2011 report for my blog

  30. Staff said they would not be coming out till after the first of the year, but there is something in the works. If it is like last year, not everyone will get one.

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