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Annual blogging report

  1. I got a 2011 report for each of my 3 blogs a few hrs. ago before I slightly tipsy on red shiraz wine for New Year's Eve dinner at home. :D

    Most interestingly, I got a blog report to blog.

  2. I have 2 blogs but I only received one. Will I receive the report for the other one?

  3. We don't know if staff are giving them out. My external blog running Jetpack got one, though, but only one of my blogs got one.

  4. Do only some blogs get them? I have several blogs and received reports on most of them but really disappointed not to get one for my primary blog which has really grown its readership this year - been taking part in the postaweek challenge.

  5. My annual blog reports shows half the number of views than the actual views of it.
    It lacks many other things. I don't believe it to be made precisely.

  6. I've got a couple of reports on .ORG sites as well. If you are using Jetpack then you may end up being included since they have the stats for those sites as well.

  7. Wow! They did a fantastic job! Colors and all.
    Thanx a bunch,
    Happy New Year!

  8. seattleyarnthings

    I got one for the blog I haven't posted on for half a year and nothing for the primary I'm way more interested in the report for As Is than Book of the Day. I hope they will send one for that as well.

  9. this is my first year so according to what you all are saying thy are really awesome. I can't wait till I get mine!!!


  10. Wait. are we supposed to get these because i just checked all my email folders and i cant find anything. if anyone knows anything please help!!!


  11. Yup, sacredpath I got the jetpack installed for .org blog. Thanks for the reminder. I would have been a fool not to install jetpack on a .org blog to take advantage of .com features.

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