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annual charge needs to be stopped

  1. I'm being charged $18 each year by Word Press. How do I stop this?

  2. This is mostly a community forum (staff does look in often as well…) and we volunteers cannot see which site/blog you are asking about unless you provide a link:
    http:// ???

    What is the upgrade you purchased?

  3. Sounds like a domain mapping/registration fee. That's the only $18 reoccurring fee I can think of.

    Did you, at one point, register your own domain name through WordPress to use with a WordPress blog?

  4. I can't remember the site, b/c the owner took it down. But yes, I had a domain name hooked up with WordPress, so that must be it. So how do I get rid of the charge? It's been a couple years. Do I need to find the "domain mapping" site or something?

  5. I'll put a modlook here so staff can help you. We volunteers do not have access to such data…
    Subscribe to this thread so you'll know when there is a response.

  6. I don't see any upgrades or previous upgrades under your account. What's the domain name/address you had with us?


  7. scented ink was my domain name (I think). It's been 2 years & my mind is so full:) Thanks for trying to help me. It wouldn't have been an upgrade I don't think. What is the "base" of the upgrade? I don't understand all this so well. I was trying to start a small photography site with someone. His site was called "Truforte outlet".

  8. P.S. I just got charged the $18 again. Last year too, but forgot to pursue this. I don't have the domain name anymore & am not connected with Truforte outlet, just want to keep my free blog & not get charged.

  9. Do you have any other information listed on your bank statement? or did you receive any e-mail after you got charged?

    Do you also remember if the domain was a .com .net .org or .me address? I need the full domain address in order to find more information about this.

    Thank you!

  10. I'll check the bank statement.
    No other email I don't think. (haven't checked spam)

    Full domain address I think was:
    Let me know if that works.

  11. Does - sound familiar?

    The domain name seems to be registered to a person in Florida

    This is the log-in page -

  12. @teriziegler I found the domain: which was purchased by you in 2011. Though it's now registered under a different account name: 'scentedInk'. Is that your account? if not, perhaps you can contact the owner and ask for more clarification.

  13. Yes, that is me. I saw the profile pic I used back then, a heart with cross in the sand. So that was me. Now what do I do? I want to have a blog, but not pay the $18 fee.

  14. Then log into the link I gave you and stop the auto renew - there is a lost password option at the link - and if you have trouble with the email or user name there is a need more help option somewhere (sorry can't remember exactly) - the reset password will be sent to the email of record for your old account

  15. As auxclass says you can renew the domain at: . Make sure you are logged in as 'scentedink' though.

  16. Okay, I finally logged in & cannot find "auto renew" to stop it.
    Where do I find that on my blog site?

  17. I can stop the auto-renew for your upgrade. Please log in as 'scentedInk' and reply to this thread to verify the ownership of the account.

  18. Kardotim, Please go ahead & stop the auto-renew for upgrade. I do want to blog, but not pay this fee. Thanks so much for taking care of this for me. Can you let me know when you have stopped it.

  19. @teriziegler you need to be logged in as 'scentedInk' for @kardotim to stop the auto renew - the instructions need to come from the logged in account that owns the upgrade - that is to protect everyone

  20. @teriziegler please login as 'scentedinks' (not scentedink) to verify the domain upgrade ownership.

  21. You guys are being so patient with me. I want the autorenew stopped and also my $18 refunded. I did go try to log in as scentedinks. The password I use when I log in as teriziegler, would not work, so I thought I must need a new password for scentedinks log in. But when I went to change the password, they sent me an email that said "Someone recently requested that the password be reset for teriziegler." Well...I don't want a new password for teriziegler. I've changed that a bunch of times trying to figure this out. I'm so confused! Please don't give up on me. My husband wants me to take care of this. Why can't someone talk with me on the phone at WordPress??!!

  22. @teriziegler - log out of that account - you can't be logged in at all

    Then go to the log-in page - and do the lost password process with 'scentedinks' as noted above

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