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    This is to bring to your attention the anomaly in the map of India on statistics page. I am a WordPress user from New Delhi, India and recently while checking my blog stats, I realised that WordPress is not using the correct map of India.
    Please let me know who do I need to reach out in this regard. I shall write a descriptive mail elaborating the issue.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi anuragvaishnav023,

    Please let me know who do I need to reach out in this regard.

    You’re welcome to share your feedback here so I can pass it on to the right team.



    The India map on my statistics page is not the most accurate map of India. Here’s why:
    1) The eastern shaded region is claimed by The People’s Republic of China but apart from the Chinese government, no other country or organisation uses that region in the map of China. It is a part of sovereign India in all prominent maps.
    2) Why is the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir shaded in red? It is known to every nation-state and prominent political organisation that the region shaded in red is the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir and hence an integral part of India.
    3) The Indian union territory of Lakshadweep islands is not marked in India’s map for some reason.

    I am not trying to start a political debate. But it irks me if an organisation hasn’t paid attention to what is a sensitive issue in India. If my memory serves me right, Google in 2007 and Economist in 2011 landed in trouble for showing the Indian regions as disputed or part of China/Pakistan.

    I request you to either update your source to a more authentic one or get Indian government’s approval for the usage of this map of India on your statistics page for Indian users.


    Hi anuragvaishnav023,

    Thanks for the feedback, I’ve passed these points on for you.

    To give you more information — we use a number of external services to generate the map displayed on the Stats page. The border boundaries are part of Google’s GeoChart.

    Your feedback will be reviewed though, thanks.


    Thanks for your reply,

    I am not sure about Google’s GeoChart, but I believe that Google Maps uses different border regions for different countries. So, a user in China might see the map of India different from say a user in India.

    Please consult Survey of India / for policies on display of Indian map in Indian territory.



    Thanks for the additional information anuragvaishnav023!

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