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  1. I know, if I comment on someones blog that the admin can see my IP address. Is there any way he/she can find out who I am? Some blogs ask for an email address on your first comment before the monitor will let it be seen. In this case,does the monitor have a list of all the commentors email addresses? The blog I comment on deals with very sensitive material and I can't afford to be exposed.

    Thank You
    Very Much

  2. Well, I can.

  3. It is almost impossible to be 100% anonymous on the internet, but there are some tools on the net to lookup IP addresses and find out "generally" where you are posting from, but not your name or address or anything like that since the IP comes from your internet provider. If they can recognize your email address, signing up for another one that isn't directly tied to you is another way. Google would have 1000's of helpful hints on this, but remember that nothing is foolproof :)


  4. donniehoho, you should use something like TOR if anonymity is important to you.

    The administrator of a blog can see the email and IP addresses submitted with comments.

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