Anonymity and Multiple Blogs

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    I have two blogs on WordPress that I’d like to create. One of them is about my business and so it’s smart to use my real and full name. The other is about things that are more private and personal (profundity abounds).

    The issue is when I change my profile name from Michael to my full name so that people who view the business blog will know its me and rightly or wrongly give me credit for what I write. But as deep and enlightening as my other blog may be I don’t really want to sign my real name.

    I am screwed in that I should have created them from two different email sites in the first place? I guess that wuouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t just absolutely love the names I’ve chosen.

    Is there anyway to have one with my full name and the other with a nick?

    Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.




    I guess the only option would be for you to chose a blog theme that doesnt display the header on the blog posts.



    I soooo meant that chose a theme that doesnt display the authors name on the blog posts LOL sorry.




    You can always create a second account using an alternate email address. Add the second account to your personal blog and use it to post.

    If your email address is at gmail, there’s a trick you can use to create a second account. Instead of ‘(email redacted)’, use an email address like ‘(email redacted)’ – you can add a word or number after the + character and it will still be delivered to (email redacted).

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