Anonymity and shared connections on Facebook

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    My wordpress blog is anonymous, and I want to keep it that way. I have it publicized to my Twitter account, which is also anonymous. I also have it publicized to my Facebook profile–which is obviously not (friends and family on facebook already know my name).

    My question is…if I publicize to Facebook and opt to “SHARE THIS CONNECTION WITH ALL USERS OF THIS BLOG,” does that mean that JUST my facebook friends (who already know my name so it’s not a problem) get a post on their facebook timelines whenever I write a new blogpost on ***OR*** do STRANGERS that follow my blog (people that just stumbled upon it and decided to follow) WILL GET A POST ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGES **FROM MY FACEBOK PROFILE THAT HAS MY NAME?**

    I basically need clarification on what it means if I select “share this connection with all users of this blog.” Does that mean all of MY facebook friend users that already know my name? Or does that include strangers that follow me, and that strangers will get a thing saying “Stephanie Smith on facebook has posted a new post on”?

    I read through the wordpress support pages, and I didn’t get any of those prompts described in the pictures. Sorry if this sounds dumb!
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    The blog I need help with is



    Your Facebook followers/friend will come to know about your blog posts, but your blog visitors can never know who you are (on social media) if you don’t exposed yourself on your blog.


    Ok! Thanks hnsaifi! I just needed the clarification before I selected to publicize.



    Your WordPress blog is anonymous? I assume you mean a different blog to the one linked to your Gravatar? Because you have your photo for all to see, and that is not anonymous.


    @thegiddygoat: I’m ok with photos. I just don’t want my facebook information to go out with blog posts if I choose to share the connection with all users. I’ll make sure to double check my gravatar info too, now that you’ve brought that to my attention. Thanks!



    You are a pseudonymous blogger, not an anonymous blogger. We all leave digital breadcrumb trails online and none o us are anonymous. and thegiddygoat points to the fact that you have posted an image on your blog. i note there’s another image on Twitter and you have also provided a location and the breed of dog you have. Suffice to say that remaining unidentified online is not easily done.


    @timetheif Yes! That’s exactly what I mean–pseudonymous! Thanks for the clarification. I’m new to this and doing it just for me and just for fun, so forgive my inexperience. I know that with the internet no one is really anonymous and there’s always a trail…I was just looking to keep my facebook information separate from my blogging activity–namely, my name and the names of my friends/family who might not like their info floating around ;)



    You’re welcome and best wishes. :)

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