anonymity guaranteed?

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    I see that my email address will only be used for administrative purposes, and I haven’t given any other personally identifiable info. Can I count on my anonymity being protected?


    I would think the answer to that is “only inasmuch as does not use your email address for other than admin contact”.

    One thing I’ve noticed about a .com blog: seems like most of the time no matter what you do, the moment you make a post it shows up on the whole stinkin’ dashboard crap for everyone and his brother’s nephew’s third wife’s grandson’s dog to see….

    If privacy/anonymity is what you’re after, there are way better ways to get it than by blogging on an open public hosting solution such as ESPECIALLY if what you’re wanting to do is trash your employer, your family, etc. – and don’t even THINK about doing something on the shaded edge of legal…. Maybe you don’t provide any “personally identifiable info”, but the way you write and the subjects you choose may be a dead giveaway.



    Also bear in mind that will have a record of your IP address every time you log in or make a post. Whether or not they will be willing to disclose it to anyone who asks, I don’t know.



    I am sure they won’t mess with people’s information.
    But when you’ve got some freaks posting crazy things on their blog,well then…..
    Anyway,i don’t seem to find a Privacy Policy link though.



    No, there’s nothing about privacy on the FAQ either. While it seems to me unlikely they’d be willing to give your IP or email to anyone other than an actual law enforcement agency, that’s not actually stated anywhere.

    (On a related note: where are the Terms of Service? Google gives me no joy.)



    Google kills me with their privacy policy.
    I am sure everything is just fine,and probably the people from WP are working on many things to improve this service.



    One of the Ghostbusters I mean key masters mentioned in passing that they could set your blog to “mature” on their end so it didn’t show up on the dashboard. I haven’t followed through on it but I have a feeling that if you send in a feedback, they’ll let you know.

    Hope this helps,

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