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Anonymous blogging

  1. Hello,

    I have two blogs here on WP and on both of them my nickname appears as author at the end of every entry. While that's okay for one of the blogs I would like to NOT be seen as author on the other one. I am currently using the Ocadia theme on the blog I'd like to write anonymously. Is there a way to either stop my name from coming up in that theme OR to be seen under a different name without having to register a new account OR is there a theme that does not display author names?


  2. I think the only way is to register a new account, sorry. Unless anyone knows of a theme without author names, but I've never come across one.

  3. Me neither, and it's one of my interests. If you want two blogs to be totally separate, you need two separate usernames. Don't link them in the blogroll or posts, make sure you're in the right username before you post in the forums, etc.

  4. I use Cutline for my theme, and I don't see any display of the author's name for my posts. Maybe I'm missing it?

  5. So, is this the definitive answer? That you cannot anonymously blog without registering twice?

  6. Depends how anonymous you want to be. Take a look at Cutline and see if that works for you.

    Also, remember that the 'name' that's being referred to is not your real name but your WP username. If you choose something that's fairly bland, there's no reason for anyone to go searching for a second blog under your username - a thing which is not that easy to do anyway. Unless the two blogs have a naturally overlapping readership no one will suspect.

  7. pornstarbabylon

    A couple of weeks ago I was spending the entire day revamping my blog and testing each template a dozen or so times to find the one that didn't annoy me the most. lol And I'm sure I remember a few didn't have author name because I was so trying to find a template I liked with the author name.

    Or maybe, like how others have said, get another blog and make up a different name. The name I go as in the blogosphere is a complete fraud!

  8. Thank you for the suggestions, rosclarke. I will check them out.

  9. People can always google your username if they are interested, and they will find you. Technorati automatically connects all the blogs under one username as well. You really should use a second ID with a totally separate email, and don't put the other blog in your blogroll either.

  10. Creating new account is the ultimate solution.

  11. Agreed. I'm pretty sophisticated when it comes to online privacy and even I was startled by how easily all my blogs got connected. If you want it private, either make a private blog and refuse the inevitable requests for admittance, or have more than one online identity. I think sophistication around the concept of identity is fundamental to internet usage. Or should be.

  12. pornstarbabylon

    So a new ID with a totally separate email won't connect all our blogs?

  13. I think sophistication around the concept of identity is fundamental to internet usage. Or should be.

    For me, openness helps with integrity so I make a point of having all my internet presences connected.

  14. I don't know if you have the CSS upgrade or not, but I think you can hide the author's name with a display:none attribute. I used it to hide a few things on the blog I'm working on, so I assume it would work for that as well.

  15. It won't work if someone can read your code, though.

  16. True, but depending on how anonymous you want to be, it might serve the purpose :)

  17. Thanks to all. In my case a theme not displaying my WP-name is sufficient.

  18. hi--I have a question about privacy and online blogging before I even write a word: who is my email address known to/who can view my profile? do I need to make an anon email address in order to register for a blog that is private? I don't care if people read what I write, but I don't want to be tied to the information personally, with my name or email address (which has my name in it) because I mean to use the blog as a diary.

  19. Be careful about using Cutline. Although articles don't appear to show "author" in the blog, if you use Google Reader to subscribe and read the blog, the supposedly "anonymous" blog article will show the author's handle or WP-name.

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