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    I’ve seen some results here, but no necessarily definitive answers. I’m also a little new, so please forgive me if I’m breaking forum etiquette for posting about a previously-discussed topic.

    I have a personal blog, but would like to also start an anonymous blog to tell humorous and frustrating work stories. Needless to say, I’d like the two to have no connection.

    Is there a way to enable anonymous posting on a WordPress blog, or to not have a username actively associated with it? This would be the best solution, as it would allow me to keep one login but blog privately and publicly at the same time.



    I wouldn’t tie the two together by any means. I would have a separate account and email address (get a throwaway one somewhere) and keep the two completely unrelated. That is about as close as you can get to anonymous. (I’m looking into doing something similar. But I need to figure out how to mask my IP to avoid any possible connection. I’m sure there are other issues that I haven’t thought about.)


    Such as the fact that no one is ever really anonymous on the internet no matter what they do?




    wouldn’t it be easier to just pick a blog theme for your anonymous blog that doesn’t display the authors name on each post. The “Light” theme doesn’t display the authors name.

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