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    Is there a rule against leaving rude or hurtful anonymous comments?



    I suggest you look at the terms of use. I think there is something about content, but I can’t remember what it is…
    Chect out the link and let me know if it helps. If it turns out there is a rule, you should probably contact someone with more power then me ; )



    It’s your blog so if you moderate your comments instead of letting them post right away then you get to decide if you want them posted or not.



    In general the owner of a blog is responsible for deciding what comments to allow.

    There are several comment settings that will help to control comments.



    No there is no rule to protect you from receiving spam. The world is full of bad actors and cyberspace is full of them Trolls thrive on attention and fade when we refuse to give them any. I know that everything posted to my blog affects it’s brand either positively or negatively. I’m with bats0711 on this I moderate all comments > Settings >Discussion
    See also:


    So, its a Lacy Vs. Tacy thing? :P

    You can always moderate the comments anyways.


    I’ve always loved the mean comments I’ve gotten because I usually turned them into blog posts and had something to write about. lol

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