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Anoter WordPress bloger using my copyrighted images

  1. Shelley Dziedzic, user has made a slide show using my personal images taken of the interior of a private mansion in Fall River, Mass. called "Maplecroft". I had shared these images with Shelley confidentially and told her she could not publish them as I promised the home owner I would not. It is the interior of the home once lived in by a famous person and the current owner will litigate against those who publish or assist in the publishing of any publically shown pictures of his home.

    I have emailed Shelley to remove them but I think WordPress should tell her to do so as well. WILL WORDPRESS TELL HER TO REMOVE THOSE IMAGES IN HER HER SLIDE SHOW "MAPLECROFT"? THANK YOU.

  2. Well, wait for a reply from her, it's always best to try and solve things among each other. If she doesn't reply, then email wordpress about the situation. Or wait, they'll probably reply to your message

  3. Thank yu. She has already responded to my email saying she didn't post the slide show, but as yu know its there for all to see within her "Slide" account link to WordPress. Further, people who see it can email it to anybody else. I would like this resolved quickly. She has received follow up emails from me informing her I posted her and again asking her to delete those images from her slide show.

  4. Best bet is to contact staff at support [at] wordpress [dot] com and explain your situation. This kind of issues should be emailed directly to them so that they can be taken care of quickly.

  5. Is that the correct email address? "" ?

    I thought by posting here I would be reaching them, apparently not. Please advise on exact email address to lodge this complaint. Thank you.

  6. I gave you the email address already:

    "support [at] wordpress [dot] com" Just replace the [at] and the [dot] with the appropriate characters...

  7. thanks, i sent it. :)

  8. For all interested parties, the four images (in what I thought was a private slideshow) in question, reported so hastily by Phayemuss, have been removed when I found they could be accessed by the public. I appreciate the comment above from paulzovigian that it is wise to extend the courtesy of an email to the "offender" explaining the circumstances before defaming an innocent party in public. When the situation was brought to my attention, and explained as being available to the public, the items were removed without any objection. It is not, nor has ever been my intention to take credit for text or images which were not produced by myself or in the public domain.

  9. Note the times of postings here....I did wait, then took the advice of devblog. Between my noticing the images up on Slide and posting here the first time, Shelley had sent me 3 emails wanting to know how I could see them and said nothing about removing them or not. It was then I proceeded as recommended by devblog.

  10. As a final note to this unpleasant accusation of copyright infringement, I at no time refused to remove PHAYMUSS' photographs. I was concerned and amazed how anyone could view what I thought was a private slide show made in for my personal use. I have some material of my young nieces, whose photos I would not wish to be made public on the Internet, and thought was only accessible with a password to the public at large. I took some time in investigating this situation and whether or not this was a true and accurate condition. The interval between the initial being made aware that the four photos were viewable (which were actually sent to me for my files by the "accuser"), is purely a matter of other events happening within that short interval which required my attention at work, not a reluctance or refusal to remove the offending material. The alacrity with which I was "reported" to, and reflects, in my opinion, displeasure which has its roots in personal issues. This is all I have to say on this matter and will not respond to further postings on this topic. The photos are gone. And that is an end to it.

  11. Perhaps if she had moved as fast on this as she did removing a certain post I put on our forum for the now defunct 2008 Lizzie Borden Conference, none of this nonsense would have happened.

    At least *I* gave her forewarning BEFORE the fact.

    Even AFTER this situation, I still thought Shelley Dziedzic and I could be friends. But she finally stated otherwise, and that was verified by emails forwarded to me from others to whom she had written.

    Whatever she chooses to think is her world. In mine, I couldn't care less what people think of me. I'm pretty content in my own skin and don't have to make an avocation out of pretense for purposes of popularity. ;)

  12. You must care, or you wouldn't still be posting to this thread. It's been thirty days since anyone else did.

  13. I just now saw it. :) As it popped up on a Google Alert with Shelley's name.

    I do care to have the full facts known. One has to read my very first post....and then her last....words like "copyright infringement" and "offender" are not ones I ever used. She introduced those words. I only wanted the images removed asap.

    I guess I could tell the whole saga in my own blog and go to the root of it all instead of airing the dirty laundry here, eh? :)

  14. I guess I could tell the whole saga in my own blog and go to the root of it all instead of airing the dirty laundry here, eh? :)

    Excellent idea! This is a technical support forum, after all. :)

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