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    Another blogger liked my blog and this was in my spam box, but I clicked to clear this thinking it was old spams and lost it, but not before I wrote the message: ‘Do you wish to have the invite posts in my small blog. 569041.’ Will this number help to find this person and if so what does this mean? as it looks like some link on their blog about mine, and perhaps I can do the same? Also what do I do to link to say yes?

    The blog I need help with is


    Let’s be clear about this. When your posts receives a “like” the gravatar of the like button clicker appears at the end of the post. See here >

    When another blogger backlinks to a post of yours in a post of their own there is NO permission required and no reciprocation required either. The blog is public and anyone can link to any post in it.

    What you receive is a notice pingback well, a trackback

    Look in your Trash and restore it if you like but do know this is NOT an important issue so you need not fret about it.


    Thank you so much for your assistance, but as I am a raw recruit I still do not know what ‘Do you wish to have the invite posts in my small blog means?’

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