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Another "book blogsite" question about chapter links

  1. I'm hoping this might be easy to solve, but I'm not sure what to do. I'm posting a book and I did things otherwise to my liking, but what I would prefer to do now is show the Chapter List post link on each chapter/post in the side bar. If you know what I mean!

    Currently I only have a few pages which have links on the Front Page. I chose not to show the category links there. But this one post, with all its chapter links, ought to be displayed throughout the "book" itself. Is there a way to do this? Otherwise I would need to include the link to that post on each and every chapter at the bottom. And there are a good many chapters...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. May we have the link to the blog starting with http:// so we can see what you mean please? Have you been using this structure?

    Chapter List post link on each chapter/post in the side bar

    This is easily done by placing the links in a text widget. See here >

  3. COOL! Will check it out. Hope that solves my issue!

    Yes, when I came here I did some research in support and found the "write-a-book" pages. I've more or less followed those guidelines. :)

    Here is my URL, I keep thinking it will show whenever I post, since we do have an option for that but apparently that isn't functioning...

  4. Got the widget onto the Front Page, but how would I "hide" it on certain posts? I don't want it showing on all, just the book chapter posts?

  5. You can't. Unfortunately, with sidebars it is pretty much all or nothing.

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