another – editing redoable lite header ,and hiding tags?

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    I just purchased the upgrade as I have faith (its waning) that I can figure my way around CSS. I have some HTML background but my problem is I just cant figure out HOW to revise it. I downloaded the css toolbar helper thing, and i see the CSS Edit, when I click on that all the css for my blog shows up in the top, and then I have an edit box in the bottom, but nothing is in there. I kindof get it that the original css stays the same, and that you just add on to the bottom what you want changed, and that supersedes? can u just copy a set of brackets pertaining to what i want to tweek into the edit box, change it, then copy it and paste it to the bottom of the whole css run? im afraid to do anything in fear i’ll blow up my blog… i think i just wasted 15 bucks!

    I like the redoable lite but

    – my blog title is kindof two-part, and the header text in this theme is too large to hold my whole title without wrapping it. I want it to to read Fabulously Finished and then in smaller font, after it, On and Off the Wall

    -i dont like how the red background of the header box is wider than my picture and still shows on the left and right.

    -can i hide tags?


    okey i figured out how to get rid of the red header box border but now it also took away my image.
    i got rid of it by changing
    #header_content {
    background: #900;
    border-left: 10px solid #600;
    border-right: 10px solid #600;
    color: #fff;
    height: 180px;
    margin: 0px !important;
    position: relative;


    #header_content {
    color: #fff;
    height: 180px;
    margin: 0px !important;
    position: relative;

    not sure why that disappeared the image…..


    sorry…. trial and error i figured it out. so only 2 questions remain:

    1) can i hide tags in redoable lite without hiding comments?

    2) is there more than one place i need to alter the size of title, in order for it to work?

    thank you!



    “1) can i hide tags in redoable lite without hiding comments?”

    Try this:

    .meta-row .entry-category {display: none;}

    “2) is there more than one place i need to alter the size of title, in order for it to work?”

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question… what is it you want to do?


    Thanks so much for your help. I tried the hiding line you gave me, but it took away tags and categories (sorry, thats what I had meant when asking if I could hide one without hiding the other)

    For resizing the title, I would love to be able to show my title all one one line, but have the first half of it larger, then the second half in smaller font size. But if the title line needs to remain the same size font, then how do I shrink it down? I want my title to read

    Fabulously Finished on and off the wall

    but I can’t fit that using present title size – it word wraps to second line, which falls outside of header box and looks awful.



    Regarding your title, you could move it up a bit by adding this code in your CSS

    #title a {
    padding: 100px 20px 20px;

    Then, for the second line – which I imagine would read “on and off the wall”, you could use a “tagline” as explained here:

    You’d just need to play with the position to make it look they way you wanna.

    Regarding your tags, yes… both categories and tags share the same class. You could use property selectors, but it would look kinda weird because the word “Tags:” would be displayed but it would have none listed.


    Thank you so much. I did use your tweek which hid both tags and categories. Would have liked to have seen categories remain, but having neither is much cleaner looking and I prefer that.

    You gave me just what I need to play with the header lines. You guys are awesome!



    Also, just so you’re clear, you don’t need to paste the whole CSS stylesheet into the edit box. Just put in the bits you’ve changed and make sure you have ‘Add to existing stylesheet’ checked. Sometimes having things twice (in the edit box and in the main stylesheet) will cause problems.

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