Another gallery question – how to exclude an image

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    I have a page with 8 images attached to it – I want 6 photos to appear in a 3 column gallery and the other 2 (which are jpg diagrams) to appear separately further down the page.

    Is there a way to exclude the 2 from the gallery but still leave them attached to page so I can use them elsewhere? I thought setting the value in the Action box to 0 and then ordering the gallery by Menu might work, but no.

    Thanks again in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve published the page (Home Sweet Wheels) so you can see what I’m talking about – the first two images in the gallery also appear further down and I want to remove them from the gallery at the top.



    Please carefully review the instructions and use the Gallery Shortcode to exclude images.
    o get an attachment ID for an image, go to your Media Library and hover over the image title you want to exclude. You can find the ID in the URL (the number after attachment_id=).
    You may also be interested in reading the information in the unofficial Gallery FAQ



    method of doing this is not simple but here it is:

    scroll down to “gallery shortcode” for instructions:

    after you have inserted your image into a gallery, entered the gallery into a location in the your post or page and saved:
    Switch to HTML mode.
    you will find the gallery”shortcode in brackets []

    it might look like:
    [gallery = etc. etc. etc.]

    you want it to look like:
    [gallery exclude= " 1, 2, 3," etc etc etc]
    where the number 1, 2,3,4, etc are replaced “gallery ids” you wish to exclude

    This is the the way I know, unless somebody else knows a simpler way.



    OK – excluding them worked perfectly, thank you.

    But I’m now having problems adding the two images I successfully excluded further down the page.

    I’ve entered some text followed by the first image. I don’t know how to get a frame around my image without a caption, so I just use a space for the caption. I hit return a couple of times and enter a second lot further down the page, followed by the second image. On Visual Editor, it looks just how I want it to, but when I preview, the second lot of text appears as the caption for the first image and the second image has disappeared altogether.

    I’ve tried deleting the images and re-entering them, but no joy.

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