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    I recently learned how to add links within posts without writing the whole url in the post, but my links — that are showing up bright blue and underlined in the visual editor — are lightfaced, not underlined, and barely visible in my new post. Is there anything that I can do to make them look more like links, or is this it? TIA


    The post editor is generic – it displays links the “standard” way, not the way they appear in a particular theme. Grey with no underlining for links is the design of the theme you’re using. I see that in your new post you got the links underlined by using the relevant button of the visual editor. You can use the other buttons, too, to make them bold as well as colored. (Personally I’d use code in the html editor – once I find the look I like for something, I save the code in a text editor and use it for all similar cases. If you’re interested in that, at your service!)



    @ panaghiotisadam – Thanks, I just took your first suggestion and tried to color the links (the post is already boldfaced). The links stayed grey but at least are now underlined in blue, and that is already an improvement.

    If I used the html editor, I would have to write the whole post in it, not just the links, right? and that is way over my head. So thank you for offering but for the time being I had better stay in the visual editor and live with grey links : )


    Oh but I will insist! You don’t have to write the whole post in the html editor: you can switch to it for finishing touches only – e.g. for coloring the link text itself instead of the wretched little line (just saying)…

    Try this (after removing the color commands you’ve added – or with a new link): the link code should be
    <a href="URL_HERE">LINK_TEXT_HERE</a>
    Change it to
    <a href="URL_HERE"><span style="color:#HEX_NUMBER_HERE;">LINK_TEXT_HERE</span></a>



    OK, panaghiotisadam, no more “wretched little lines” for me (LOL!!). I’ll try your code with a new link but, uh, what’s a “color:#HEX_NUMBER” in English?


    (Of course you understand that the capitals -and only the capitals- in the code models I give are meant to be changed into actual data.)

    If you check your html editor, you’ll see that the blue you selected is expressed as “0000ff”. That’s a hex color number: three pairs of digits (in the hexadecimal system) representing intensities of red, green and blue. This is the way you specify particular color shades in code.

    Here are some sites you could use as your palettes:

    And here’s a site in which you can feed the URL of a webpage to find out what colors are being used in that webpage:



    Of course I understand that the capitals in the code are meant to be changed into data … now.

    Thank you for all the useful color info and for the “links” tutorial. I deeply appreciate all your help.

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