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    I’ve spent a fair amount of time scouring my blog for any errors, double checking my tags and categories… read through the rules and believe I comply. Have been blogging daily on the same site for a year.

    But near as I can tell, I am not appearing in the topics reader for my most common tags/categories, particularly the tag applied to every post: “cheese”

    Halp! Please :)

    The blog I need help with is wedgeintheround.com.


    Can’t say specifically, but I saw something in another post within the last few days that there can be a conflict when the same word is used for both a tag and a category.


    Thanks- I would assume that’s a bug?





    No it’s not a bug. It’s a reality and it’s not new. When you assign the same keyword as both a Category and Tag you are spamdexing ie. tag spamming. That’s not to mention that doing that will cause you an editing nightmare.

    Please stop posting half-___ answers. Leave the threads be and those who have the full answers will provide them.



    Note that I tagged this thread for Staff assistance.


    Thanks timethief. Thought I had read that duplicate tags & categories didn’t matter.

    Funny thing is, I had been using one tag consistently but, thinking not having it as a category might be the problem, I just bulk added it. So until today I had few if any duplicates.

    Do you know if using a word as either a tag is preferred?



    Thought I had read that duplicate tags & categories didn’t matter.


    Do you know if using a word as either a tag is preferred?

    Search engines treat them exactly the same way.

    Please read this because every day I experience bloggers who don’t understand that the Categories and Tags they assign to posts are not what search spiders are primarily focused on. http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2012/03/01/revisiting-keywords-and-tags/


    Just noting that on the official page plus the documentation on tags v categories, nowhere does it say that duplication is a problem:



    Yes- I’m aware of SEM, SEO,… In my real life I’ve ample experience in online.

    My trouble is specific to understanding why I’m not showing up in the reader under any topic, near as I can see.




    I can’t provide a definitive answer but I did tag this thread so you will get a Staff response. You can subscribe to the thread and be notified when Staff do respond.


    spamdexing also does not seem to say that an identical tag and cat are problematic, just hen the aggregate total is more than 10.


    Thanks again



    The aggregate total of category and tags was elevated to 15.

    [opinion] I’m a librarian and that is an excessive number. I assume it’s meant to appease the bloggers here many of whom attempt to game the system by dpamdexing. [/opinion]



    The “s” and “d” keys are so close to each other. That would be “spamdexing” that I meant to type and not “dpamdexing”.


    I’ve been perusing other blogs that do show up in the reader and a number are using many tags etc… and some, for example, show up under “cheese” because they are tagged as such – however, “cheese” is meant as in “cheezy” – cheap, silly etc and not having to do with food.

    FYI- thanks in advance.

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