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    i understand that using as a store is ok, as long as your blogging as well and just selling some stuff on the side, not mainly being a store. as long as your items that are sold are all hand made by yourself. I am starting up a blog with my friend (which is why there is no content yet) is mainly about fashion, food, travel, design etc kind of blogging. but we would also like to set up a store or sell things from the blog as well.

    1) are you able to link to another store on your page, such as etsy, or a fb merchandiser page for example that sells your handmade items and other items that you are reselling as well? i just want to make sure im doing the right thing and my blog doesnt shut down. Is is ok to do this as long as it is not hosted on my .com blog? but linked externally? So the store i am thinking of will be a mix of both hand made and resell items.

    i know that is more suitable for this, but i dont think i am ready with the know how of how to use that just yet at the moment.

    2) i was wondering if it was possible to also use the to blog for now, then eventually move to the .org one once i know how to use it on my mac? but move all the same content over without having to start from scratch?


    The blog I need help with is

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