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    I know posting download links on copyrigted material such as software hacks/cracks and music singles and albums are not allowed…but am I allowed to post websites that OFFER software hacks or free mp3 downloads?

    example: lets say i posted some software downloads on some forum. and i posted a link in my blog/post which directs them to the exact forum page. is that allowed? or if i just posted a LINK to the forum index and let them just browse by themselves?

    i’m really being inquisitive about putting up download links since i’m really avoiding being banned here. thanks for reading and good day sirs/mams.



    No. That’s like uploading stuff to rapidshare (or similar) and telling people to go to your link to get it. It’s not allowed and would get the blog suspended when we were told about it.

    (And yes there will be blogs that do this but we search daily, the RIAA do and other music/film/software producers do too. Once we are told, it’s gone).



    i see. thanks for clearing things up.

    i guess this means NO DOWNLOAD LINKS unless they’re available at the official site then.

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