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Another referrer issue

  1. kevinfromcanada

    We seem to have another referrer issue showing up today. My referrer stats are clogged with references from various google, bing and other sites -- they seem to repeat the specific searches in the box below. Before today, there was no duplication. I don't mind WordPress changing things, I would simply like an explanation.

    I'm guessing that for some reason (I have no idea why) WordPress has decided to double report the source of referrers. Given the problem we had with referrers a couple weeks back (still not resolved, with only silence from WordPress sources) this latest "change" without explanation is again cause for concern.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Looks like there's a bug in search engine identification, not a deliberate thing. Your views would not be double-counted, though, and your traffic looks pretty steady.

  3. I posted in another thread about this yesterday, too. And someone else had a question about it in the "staff replies only" section of the forum. I have seen a little of this in the past---a few search engines showing up as referrers, especially (but not only) google and other searches from other countries or languages. But also plain old u.s. searches. But yesterday it was to an extreme, I actually had slightly more searches showing up as referrers than as searches.


  4. A few weeks ago, Google began encrypting their searches for all logged-in users. This change caused a bunch of encrypted, ugly Google search URLs to show up as referrers. Additionally, it resulted in us under counting the number of searches in the search terms since there were not search terms to count.

    We're going to update how we display search engines and terms in general, but probably won't finish it until after Thanksgiving so be patient with the referrers and search engine term panels this week.

  5. So does this mean that these Google referrers are not legit hits?

  6. They are legit. It's people coming from search engine result pages. We used to be able to tell what terms they searched for, and show them to you, but because of Google's change we can't anymore.

  7. Thank you =)

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