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    I am a novice blogger and I have read all the tutorials and forum postings and still can not get an image to load into my sidebar widget. This is the code I am using

    <img scr=”” alt=””Cameo of Elizabeth Bennet””/>

    This is my blog address

    Thank you in advance for your help. Laurel



    The HTML looks wrong. You have no closing tag
    The markup works until the very end of the URL, then things get a bit dicey.
    Try the closing tag and see what happens.
    btw- I looked for the image using the URL and couldn’t find it. (?)


    You have double quotes around Cameo of Elizabeth Bennet and you need a space between the last quote mark and the / as shown below.
    <img scr="" alt="Cameo of Elizabeth Bennet" />


    Actually I messed up above by copy and pasting there was another error:
    <img src="" alt="Cameo of Elizabeth Bennet" />

    I tested this one and got the cameo.


    You had img scr instead of img src, you needed the space between the last ” and / and you had double quote marks around the alt text.


    If you are new to writing links, this is a good FAQ to bookmark as it covers about everything a blogger would generally like to do:



    Ok, I am humbled by my errors and thank you for your prompt replies and fixes. The link to the FAQ on writing links is great. My sincere thanks to one and all. Laurel



    One more comment, I got the double quotes from the example on the FAQ! The poverbial perfectionist taking every keystroke literally. Thanks again


    Hmmm perhaps I should have said, double-double quotes. There were two at the beginning and two at the end of the text you entered into the alt tag.

    At any rate, you are very welcome, and don’t worry about the errors, we all make them.

    The bottom line is you are now up and running.

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