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    How do I prevent another site linking to my blog and publishing the posts?

    There is another website that, for the past year, has been publishing my WordPress posts. It maybe takes half of each one, then says, “If you want to read the rest….” go to.

    Problem is, ALL my posts are on there, including many that I have since deleted. Obviously, I don’t want them appearing on a different site after they’re gone from WordPress. I have written to the site asking them to take the posts down, but is there anything I can do at the WordPress end to prevent this from happening?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    You are using the term WordPress and it’s not host specific. Read this so you are clear on the differences between WordPress.COM blogs, which are hosted here and WordPress.ORG installs which are not hosted here.

    If the blog is being hosted by WordPress.COM see here please



    If you’re feeling energetic and vengeful, you may be interested in this solution:

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