Another site possibly trying to steal my content and/or blog site address

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    I’ve been trying now for almost 24 hours, mostly unbroken by sleep, to get WordPress and Google to align as far as Google verifying my search engine meta tag. It hasn’t worked. But during that time sometime, all the excellent links that Google was already supplying to my account since I started with on July 4 have mostly disappeared when I do search for my site on Google, and a bunch of other unconnected stuff is now there except for about two links. The worst part is, one link, which calls itself and seems to be about loading digital textbooks from the internet has appeared there, but in the paragraph describing the link, i see “” which would seem to point to my site. On another part of their site, they call themselves “” Can you help prevent them from stealing my content, if that’s what they’re trying to do? Thanks a lot if you can. I’ll write back later to try to get the other issue settled (about what I can’t make work from WordPress’s verification instructions–I did read a couple of different things on it in forums I found on the internet and in support, but I think I can give a clear picture of where I’m having problems. It’s just unsettling to know that while I’m trying so hard to work this out, someone may be trying to steal my stuff). Thanks if you can help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    For what to do about content theft see here >
    For preventing content theft see here >
    For blog verfication see here >
    For all search engine issues see here >

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