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    I am a relative novice and have been thrilled with the ease of using but I have one reocurring problem. I often post an image and want some text beside it and can do that fine. But then I want the next paragraph to start below the photo even if the initial text did not take up as much height as the photo. I have tried going into the html with clear=left with no luck. Is there something I’m missing



    (1) Turning off the text rich editor may provide a solution for you ->dashboard – >users ->your profile – > personal options (uncheck the viual rich editor box)

    (2) Alternatively leaving it on and trying < /br> may work.



    Thanks for the suggestions… but neither worked. The br seemed to work in the editor, but was then gone when I posted. When I got rid of the text rich editor I typed in the codes, but then they were stripped out… any other thoughts?

    If anyone’s not sure what I am trying to do check out this post I would like the text that starts, “Yep, that’s…” to appear beside the second photo.



    Insert a non-breaking space before the <br> and the <br> will not be stripped out.



    non-breaking space = &nbsp; and to be absolutely correct it should be not <br>

    Looking at the post I can’t even see “yep that’s” in the post. I have a feeling this is because of the little amount of text beside the first photo.

    Try putting in &nbsp <br /> a few times and it should drop the second photo down the page a little.





    That sounded so good… but didn’t work. Again it looks right when I am editing but then when I save and go to my page it isn’t there. Any other ideas?



    bump to drmike (with full apologies to collin for my dyslexia rearing it’s ugly head when I gave the br instructions out in ass backward fashion – sheesh – how embarassing – I said < /br> instead of saying … <br />) :0



    I’m looking at the post in question and to me using IE 6.0.2900 it looks like the way you want it. What browser, browser version and resolution are you using?

    One thing that comes to mind is using ‘p’ tags, both opening and closing. For example:

    [p][image tag]text[/p]

    Something like that.



    My husband worked on it last night, sometimes it is useful to be marrried to a techie… he finally hacked it by putting in white text. Hardly an elegant solution.

    Dr. Mike, that was what I had done and it continues to have the next paragraph below the first without waiting for the picture to end. I am really looking for the effect of <br clear=left> but that keeps getting stripped out…

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